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The Pilates Barre

Stretch, strengthen and push your body

If you like your workouts with a little bit of theatre, some serious sweating and as much pain as you’re willing to put yourself through, then you need The Pilates Barre in your life.

For nearly 15 years, Skye Baldwin has been teaching an always evolving and innovative collection of fitness classes that have stretched, strengthened and pushed bodies in ways you didn’t realise they could be.

Now with two studios, Warners Bay and the Hunter St Mall, Skye and her team pump out a whole bunch of different Pilates and Barre classes that include Dance, Bounce, Fusion and Zen Barre, as well as something called AntiGravity. Sounds interesting?

On a recent trip to the States to check out what’s happening in the epicentre of the fitness world Skye said,

“There are boutique style dance and fitness studios opening up everywhere in New York, there’s a real craze at the moment, and a lot of them are run by Aussie girls which is fantastic.

“With the studios that I've run over the years I’ve always tried to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the types of classes I've offered, as a way of keeping things interesting. When I visited New York I checked out a whole range of different boutique studios to see how they're doing things differently.

"On my last visit, I was lucky enough to meet and train under Christopher Harrison, who is the guru of AntiGravity. Christopher has worked with loads of superstars, like Pink, Britney, Gwen and Kanye, just to drop a few names, helping them with their aerial performances. He was amazing to speak and learn from, I am still pinching myself.

"I originally brought AntiGravity to Newcastle in 2013 and now I am bringing Christopher's latest program 'Airbarre' straight from the US to Newcastle, and.... the most exciting part is that Christopher's invited me back to New York to continue to teach and train, which I still can't believe happened."   

The space above the Hunter St Mall, with the leafy bright light streaming in, really lends itself to that boutique studio feel. Complete with almost floor to ceiling mirrors and pumping tunes it's easy, even for the most novice of dancers, to let yourself go and get sweaty.