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The Path 2 Alignment

Roll out your mats and get ready to stretch for more than just the tv remote!

The Path 2 Alignment opened its doors only a few weeks ago, at the Newcastle Food and Flower Markets and is already booking out fast.

The unique location allows visitors to start their morning with ease, restoring at a blissful yoga class followed by a café breakfast and possibly a new plant child; this one you might even keep alive.

the path 2 alignment yoga studio sandgate newcastle

Harness your full potential in one of the six classes including Embodied Flow, Yin, Yang/Yin, Gentle Flow, Alignment Flow, and Yin & Yoga Nidra.

The Path 2 Alignment’s tranquil space offers a calming sensory experience with rustic decorated aesthetics and a cosy earthy ambience. Owner and Yoga Guide, Ashanna, is the memorable face you’ll meet as you enter the studio and her approachable nature translates into the studio.

After years of success in the media industry, Ashanna unexpectedly discovered her own path to alignment during a trip to Cambodia. Whilst spending time at a yoga retreat, her approach to everyday life was transformed. On the day she returned back to Australia, a position opened up at the retreat and it seemed the opportunity was meant to be.

“I loved it over there, but it was also the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Ashanna explained.

the path 2 alignment yoga studio sandgate newcastle

Following a four-month contract with the yoga retreat, Ashanna began to question where she would go next and then The Path 2 Alignment was born. The welcoming studio offers inclusive yoga and (and in time fitness) for all levels, ages and stages.

Just 20-40 minutes of the Yin & Yoga Nidra Sunday class is equivalent to 2 to 4 hours of deep REM sleep. So of course, seeing as my favourite yoga position is sleeping, I just had to try it.

the path 2 alignment yoga studio sandgate newcastle

The class left me feeling reenergised without it being physically strenuous; it incorporated still movements focused on breathwork and mindfulness in a judgement free environment. Ashanna hopes people can use what they learn from her classes in their everyday lives.

“If the next time someone is faced with a stressful situation, like running late to work and being stuck in traffic, they decide to take a few deep breaths, to be mindful and present instead of instead of having a strong reaction, then I feel like I'm teaching the real meaning of yoga.”

Cultivate your inner Zen self with unlimited yoga for two weeks for $25 or casual visits for $15 or $12 for concessions.