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The Ohana Room

Newcastle's only family yoga studio in Cardiff

Mel Sargeant is the only Newcastle Yoga Teacher taking classes at 38 weeks pregnant last time she checked “it’s getting a little tough,” she said.

Radio Announcer by day, Mel has practised yoga for over 20 years but felt isolated after she had her bub Summer Joy because there were only a couple of Mums and Bubs classes offered around Newcastle once a week or so. “I used to go to Yoga everyday. My dream was to create a Yoga studio where Mums and Dads could bring their kids to Yoga whenever they liked so I did”.

Mel created The Ohana Room (meaning ‘family room’ in Hawaiian) in Cardiff using the money that she made from her day job to fund the project as well as lots of love and support from her partner Michael “he’s been amazing”.

“Some Mums don’t have the option of childcare and they don’t really have any support networks. Being thrust into motherhood is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, it’s a 24 hour a day 7 day a week job and it can be really tough on your mental health. I had one mum in tears the other day as I held her baby just saying how nice it was to ‘get out of the house and do something with other adults.”

“The one thing I didn’t bank on was getting pregnant again so quickly” adding “you know what they tell you about breastfeeding being a contraceptive? Don’t believe any of it!”

She now has to take a little time off to have her bub and is calling on Newcastle’s support, “It’s been hard getting the word out about the studio by talking to Mother’s Groups and others because I’m always at the studio, at New Fm or looking after my baby. It’s going to be tough to keep funding it while I’m on maternity leave so I’d really appreciate any support from Yoga Mums and Dads who haven’t heard about us or tried us before!

“All it takes is for you to grab the kids, pop them into the car and walk in the door. I can guarantee you won’t regret a visit to The Ohana Room.”