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Why have I done this again?

It's all fun and games until you wake up the next morning and realise you aren't 18 anymore!

Depending on the severity of my hangover, my capabilities and the different stages I experience throughout the course of the day will differ.

As the fresh age of 18 becomes increasingly more distant, the seven stages I experience of a hangover seem to become more dramatic and intolerable. And while experience has taught me things like 'make sure you drink water before bed after drinking', that dreaded hangover still seems to make an appearance.

Stage 1: False hope

You wake up and don't move. You are too scared to get up and find out how bad the damage really is.

Hooray! You're up and actually feel pretty great. Who says you can't drink and be productive the next day? This is a win! You shower, clean your room, vacuum the house, you might even start to apply makeup ready for the day ahead.

Stage 2: The realisation

You realise you were actually still drunk when you woke up, and today is most definitely not a win moment.

Stage 3: Regret

The hangover has reached its peak. Your life is over as you know it. You don't know how to help yourself, you begin to question all your life choices. All you want to do is turn back time as you swear to yourself you will never do this again.

Stage 4: The second sleep

In the past 24 hours you have probably experienced every possible human emotion. You're tired and exhausted, it's time for a nap.

Stage 5: Starvation

After waking up in a delirious state from your nap, you realise you haven't eaten all day, and suddenly you're starving! Being hungover means eating terribly, greasy, delicious food.

Stage 6: Thankful

You're thankful that the hangover day is finally coming to end, you survived it… just.

Stage 7: Memory loss

You wake up the next day with a text from your friends wanting to do drinks that night. Without hesitation, you say yes.