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Sustainable Play Preschool

Weaving sustainable and ethical play into every activity

If instilling sustainable and ethical practices into your child’s early learning years is something that you value then you need to check out Sustainable Play Preschool.

This weekend just happens to be the perfect opportunity to do so with Sustainable Play having a 'Peek & Play Open Day' on Saturday 20th February, 9am - 2pm.

Set to launch in February 2021, as the name suggests the entire preschool has been purpose-built with the environment and all things sustainable in mind.

The team at Sustainable Play has even gone as far as to incorporate the ethical message into the daily menu with the preschool offering children creative and healthy plant-based meals which have been developed by Preschool Cook, Brooke Ravenscroft. 

The 100% plant-based menu has been carefully crafted and thoroughly reviewed with a registered dietitian and includes such delicious treats as Mac n’ Cheese, using potatoes and carrots as a base for cheese sauce, Chickpea “Tuna” Sandwiches, Carrot and Zucchini Muffins, Veggie Lasagne, Acai Banana “Nice” Cream, and Bean Enchiladas.

The concept behind Sustainable Play all started with Company Director, Llewellyn Jones back in 2016 and his vision to create a preschool that took the future of the planet seriously by serving 100% plant based meals to preschoolers and developing a curriculum entirely around an ethos of environmental responsibility, Llewellyn explained further,

“The idea for building a sustainable preschool simply came from me wanting to share the concept of plant-based eating with kids at an early age and evolving from that to teaching them about all areas of sustainable living.”

Taking a wander around the pre-school it's clear that every inch of the centre has been carefully considered, and kids play has been at the heart of every design decision.

The beautifully landscaped outdoor play area comes complete with a self-pumping river, Australian native foliage, and a whole lot of open space that invites little ones to run and get exploring every nook and cranny.

Moving to the indoor play areas there are hours of fun for all levels and interests. As you would expect at a preschool there is plenty of dress-up fun to be had, the mandatory paint station to get colourfully messy in, dough rolling, and testing the coordination skills with blocks and magnetic toys. There is of course the reading corner with loads of books ready to go when some quiet time is needed.

In addition to the creative play children will take part in daily sustainable routines like composting food scraps, growing food in the garden, preparing meals with the cook, and participating in bush kindy excursions.

They are also encouraged to try new skills and get a little risky with their play at the hardware and kitchen workstations where the little ones learn to work with tools and cut up the fruit they've picked fresh from the kitchen garden.

Speaking of the garden, the gorgeous mulberry tree invites the children to go climbing and searching for the elusive mulberry fruit. Considered an important aspect to the development of children's learning and wellbeing, the kids will be encouraged to explore their surroundings and get a little adventurous along the way.  

Located on some 2000 square meters of land, Sustainable Play offers a truly beautiful pre-schooling experience. If you're interested to learn more be sure to register for this weekend's Peek & Play Open Day Here

Sustainable Play Preschool

40 Nelson Street, Barnsley, NSW, 2278

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