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Stephanie Hancox Gyrotonic Studio

Discover Newcastle’s first Gyrotonic Studio

When we first dropped into Merewether’s premier fitness clinic, On Point Performance, owner Michelle Bourne opened our eyes to the way we think about fitness, with the purpose built facility designed to deliver a premium experience and is dedicated to empowering clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.

In our most recent visit we discovered a brand-new offering, not only for the clinic but a first for Newcastle; Stephanie Hancox’s Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Studio.

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A former classical ballet dancer, Stephanie started doing ballet in 1987 and was invited at the age of 15 to move to Munich, Germany where she went on to build a prestigious career for the next 17 years.

Michelle, who has 20 years of ballet training herself, understands the importance of having access to the best equipment and trainers, “I was extremely excited to bring Stephanie into the clinic. Her knowledge and training in movement complements our services perfectly. Steph’s dance experience offers yet another option to the ballet dancers I work with.” 

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Stephanie Hancox

For most classical ballet dancers, injury is a part of their experience, but for Stephanie, training with Gyrotonic allowed her to remain injury free for 17 years.

“I was very lucky to have found the machines really early on in my career as a dancer. As a classical dancer, I had very strong muscles that looked very athletic and I needed those fine line muscles. I was searching around and had done many different styles of exercise, but everything ended up leaving me feeling bulky.”

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Whilst travelling in Berlin, she was recommended Gyrotonic by another dancer as an exercise method to achieve that long and lean muscle structure. Since that first Gyrotonic session back in 2003, Stephanie has continued to practice religiously and went on to gain her teacher training in 2012.

“Through my teacher training, I have discovered a whole new understanding of the body and how it is designed to move and the benefits of moving the body in a holistic way.”

stephanie hancox gyrotonic studio on point performance merewether nsw

On returning to Sydney, Stephanie kicked off her own Gyrotonic business from her home studio, before moving to the Hunter and into her own studio space at On Point Performance, adding another dimension to the already comprehensive offering as Michelle explains, 

"We are proud to be one of Newcastle’s best training facilities specialising in Personal Training, Group Personal Training and Sport Specific Training. Our ‘no compromise’ approach to providing the highest standards in cleanliness, equipment selection, amenities and elite level staff who are fully accredited and experienced in the health and fitness industry."

stephanie hancox gyrotonic studio on point performance merewether nsw

Michelle continues, "Each and every training program is created by a team of Strength & Conditioning staff and Accredited Exercise Scientists who use a systemised approach to train all people in a structured, safe and coached environment – enabling them to reach their peak potential while being guided by experts."

stephanie hancox gyrotonic studio on point performance merewether nsw

So, what exactly is Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis?

Simply put, Gyrotonic training is a form of resistance training. Originating in the 70s, the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis method was developed following Juliu Horvath's intensive yoga practice and study of the inner workings of the body.

“He snapped his Achilles and had back and hip pain, and at the time, he was in New York and Pilates and physio-therapy wasn’t doing enough for him. He’s very creative and just started to play around with different movement techniques.

“Gyrokinesis, which is the mat version, actually came first. Then one day he had back pain and was using the same movement you can see with the old fire hydrant turning motion, and that gave him the idea for the Gyrotonic Machines.”

stephanie hancox gyrotonic studio on point performance merewether nsw

Through his personal journey, he created the concept of Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic; a unique system of exercise incorporating movement from yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming, and tai chi.

“It’s all about decompressing the joints and stabilising that length. Finding that movement and going to the extreme and strengthening that up. It’s great for mobility issues. It's been described as circular Pilates as well as Yoga without the poses.”

stephanie hancox gyrotonic studio on point performance merewether nsw

The effects and benefits of Gyrotonic training go far beyond strength, which means it perfectly complements any other type of training individuals may be doing, as well as being equally complex enough to be your only form of training.

The newly opened studio is offering both Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis classes available for purchase in casual, five, and ten class passes.

stephanie hancox gyrotonic studio on point performance merewether nsw

If you’re looking to get stronger, move better, and experience how good your body is designed to be, book in for a session with Stephanie Hancox at Newcastle’s only Gyrotonic studio based at Merewether’s On Point Performance.

Stephanie Hancox Gyrotonic Studio

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