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Salt Therapy Clinic on King

Helping people improve their quality of life, one salt particle at a time

Could this be the most underrated health kick of 2019?

I recently visited the ladies at Salt Therapy and it goes without saying, I walked out feeling like a new person.

Salt therapy has been recognised as an effective therapeutic treatment for decades and now Newcastle's own Salt Therapy Clinic is the first of its kind in the Hunter region. We can thank Shawna Hartley, owner of the Salt Therapy Clinic, for bringing it to us, all the way from Canada.

Salt therapy has a range of health benefits, from helping individuals with skin conditions, respiratory problems, aches and pains as well as helping to decrease stress, anxiety and depression within the body.

The Centre has two purpose-built salt therapy rooms that mimic the same healing microclimate as salt caves found in Europe. As for the treatment, regular exposure to the salt rooms means the salt is inhaled through the sinuses and into the respiratory tract, cleansing the entire respiratory system of bacteria and mucous build up.

To put the benefits into perspective, one session in one of Salt Therapy's room is equivalent to a whole week spent at the beach swimming. How cool is that?!

If you are looking to book in for a session to help with ongoing skin conditions, this is the place for you. Shawna says clients who have come in specifically for skin conditions have commented on their skin feeling less irritated as the toxins from the body have been eliminated due to the high mineral content in the airborne salt minerals.

The sessions last for 45-minute intervals, which makes for the perfect time to relax and chill out without doing a single thing.

The centre also offers Infrared Therapy sessions, which use three tips of wavelengths that are part of the sun’s invisible light spectrum which the body uses to heal and repair. The health benefits of these sessions aim to detoxify the body's toxic build up.

What makes these sessions so special, is the infrared therapy is the most effective way to rid yourself of heavy metals and toxic chemicals helping your body heal from the inside out. Plus in the sauna, you are able to choose the session suited best for you, whether that be a detox, weightloss or reduction of pain.

Salt Therapy Clinic on King

204 King Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300

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