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Pineapple Fitness

A community of women keeping fit

Studio now in Carrington alongside The Grateful Boutique and The Mexican Cantina as part of Island Life.

Originally known as Buf Girls, Britney and Shelley joined as clients and loved it so much they decided to become trainers themselves within the business.

They eventually bought the business from the previous owner and began to run Buf Girls for two years before recently rebranding it to Pineapple Fitness.

They currently have about 80 clients, ranging from all ages, including classes with babysitters for Mums, and offer about 30 classes each week between their Warners Bay and Newcastle outdoor locations.

Whether it is by the beach, the lake, or at the park, Pineapple Fitness pride themselves on providing a community and an inclusive environment for women to keep fit.

Shelley is a Carrington local like Jess fromĀ The Grateful, and the two businesses have developed an awesome relationship with Pineapple Fitness ordering The Grateful flowers weekly which they gift to their clients.

"We choose a client of the week", explains Brit, "and as you know [The Grateful] then pay it forward to John Hunter Hospital so it's just this continuous pay it forward kind of thing".

Each business shares a common purpose... to support people to become happier in themselves, one through physical movement, one through local healthy food and one through giving.

This amazing new healthy, feel good adult and child friendly playground is called Island Life. Coined from the iconic term 'The Island' that locals use to affectionately refer to the harbour side, water locked between the harbour and two bridges, suburb of Carrington.