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The local podcast sensation launches their 7th season!

Photography courtesy of Bec Essery of The Brand Photographers

We first caught up with the duo behind the local podcast sensation, Oversubscribed, back in 2019 as they were launching their second season. Now, just a short two years later the girls are absolutely killing it with the launch of their 7th season!

That’s right, Alana Nixon and Laura Jackel, the hilariously relatable and quick-witted team behind Oversubscribed have created 7 seasons of their award-winning podcast created for women who squeeze the most out of life!

oversubscribed podcast season 7 launch charlestown square newcastle nsw

This season, the girls have partnered with the Hunter’s largest shopping destination, Charlestown Square to celebrate their 100th episode with a bang.

“As followers of our podcast will know, we love talking about fashion, beauty and food so we feel this collaboration is a match made in heaven!

“Charlestown Square’s Centre Manager, Kate Murphy and Marketing Manager, Anna Whelan, have been super supportive and open to our ideas. They have generously given us a range of special offers and discounts for the centre that we know our listeners will love as much as we do! Who doesn’t love shopping followed by a great locally made pizza and cocktails,” Laura shared.

To get a glimpse into what two years and 7 seasons feels like, we caught up with one half of the dynamic duo, Laura Jackel, to hear about it all. My golly, you better buckle in because it’s a journey!

Congratulations on two years and 7 seasons of Oversubscribed! Did you ever expect to see it where it is now two years on? 

“Thank you! We first thought we would just do a season and see where that took us. Then another season and so on. We initially had no idea if anyone would listen apart from our family and friends, so it has been mind-blowing to see that we’ve had tens of thousands of downloads from all over the world.

“Looking back to planning those first eight episodes it is hard to think we’d be celebrating milestones like recording our 100th episode!”

oversubscribed podcast season 7 launch charlestown square newcastle nsw

We last caught up with you in the lead-up to the launch of season 4. How have you managed to fit another three seasons in that short time?

“It’s a lot of work but there is also a lot of walking, laughing and sending each other links to articles with messages saying, ‘we HAVE to talk about this!’

“We both work and have kids, so the planning, scripting, recording and emailing all tends to happen after the kids are in bed or over weekends. We have home offices with recording equipment, so it means we don’t need to be together to record an episode. Having supportive partners also helps! We are both very interested in current affairs and pop culture so there is just always so much to talk about.”

oversubscribed podcast season 7 launch charlestown square newcastle nsw

What can listeners expect from Season 7?

“Episode one is all about ‘half-arsed’ parenting and how us modern parents need to lower the bar and de-schedule our kids. We will also be talking about cancel culture, women’s anger, the future of relationships post-pandemic and how we feel about our ageing faces.”

Do you have a favourite episode?

“We both love talking about issues that affect women of our generation. The episode on women’s healthcare was very interesting as we explored the ways in which women’s health conditions have been overlooked or misunderstood for too long.

“Also, the episode on the pink tax for professional women and how the double standards for women in positions of power is still so challenging. We have interviewed some great guests: Holly Wainwright and Tova Leigh from season 6 were two favourites and Dr Susie O’Brien in season 7 was a lot of fun. Her line about ‘just trying not to raise dickheads’ when it comes to parenting was very relatable!”

oversubscribed podcast season 7 launch charlestown square newcastle nsw

With Oversubscribed Season 7 due to end at the start of September, the girls have got big plans to squeeze in one more season before the end of the year.

“We just want to keep on podcasting! We would love to interview more clever people from around the world and continue to work with amazing brands that resonate with our audience. We have been lucky to be supported by some fabulous local businesses on our journey and we couldn’t have done it without their support.

“We’d like to give a big thank you to all and especially our previous season partners, Event Cinemas Kotara and Glendale, Breast Cancer Trials, The Anchorage Hotel Port Stephens, City of Newcastle, and Charlestown Square.”

For those that remember, Oversubscribed held their very first live event alongside Eliza Taylor of HerCastle in December last year and it was such a great hit the girls plan on bringing it back once restrictions ease up.

“We hope to do it again one day… it was such a good way to connect with our local listeners too.”

oversubscribed podcast season 7 launch charlestown square newcastle nsw

So, whilst we wait for Oversubscribed Live to make a comeback, there’s no time like the present to get on over to wherever you get your podcasts from, whether on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, Google Podcasts, or event the Oversubscribed website and get listening to this absolute gem of a local podcast!

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