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Need a book to read? Check out our current recommendations!

We’re doing a whole lot of reading at the moment, so if you’re looking for something to get you through this lockdown, we’ve collated all the best books we’ve been enjoying! Whilst they might not all be your cup of tea, there’s plenty to choose from, and being a self-confessed book nerd myself, I’m almost certain you’ll find something in the list that tickles your fancy.

Our suggestion to getting your hands on books is first and foremost to check out our local booksellers. The following local stores are all open for either shopping online or click & collect; Secret Book Stuff, MacLean’s Books, and Q’s Books.

A Little Life

Over 700 pages of pure heartbreak. This absolute masterpiece of work follows the relationships and lives of four men through life, focussing on one of them, the somewhat curious life of the kind and handsome Willem. Based in New York City, A Little Life boasts anything but a little life. It’s a long read but you’ll be thankful for giving it your time; nothing but a pure dive into life.

All Our Shimmering Skies

Brought to us by Australian Journalist and Author, Trent Dalton, All Our Shimmering Skies is the follow-up book from Boy Swallows Universe (see below for a review on this one) and continues to shine a beautiful life of Australian culture, with a touch of magic, mystery, and heartache. Based in the Northern Territory, a young Molly Hook takes us on the adventure of a lifetime.

book recommendations hunterhunter alicia poole newcastle nsw

Boy Swallows Universe

Published in 2018, Dalton's first book, Boy Swallows Universe is the coming-of-age story of brothers Eli and August and their complicated upbringings in the housing estates on the edges of Brisbane during the 80s.   

Boys Will Be Boys

This one is for the strong feminist readers, or those keen to learn more about feminism in the modern world. Brought to us by the ever-so-popular (and equally unpopular) Australian feminist writer, broadcaster, and public speaker, Clementine Ford. Following on from Fight Like A Girl, Boys Will Be Boys covers the big topics of power, patriarchy, and the toxic bonds of mateship. A must-read for anyone and everyone.

Come As You Are

This incredible book was actually a suggestion from Abbey Herrick of Pleasure & Peach and has become one of my favourites. Written by Emily Nagoski, Director of Wellness Education and lecturer in the U.S where she teaches women’s sexuality, the informative book equips readers with the surprising science that will transform any woman’s sex life.

book recommendations hunterhunter alicia poole newcastle nsw

Conversations With Friends

From the well-known author of Normal People, Conversations With Friends is actually, in my personal opinion, the better of the two books. A perfect dissection of modern relationships, Sally explores the intimate and constantly evolving nature of them. If Normal People had you turning the page quicker than you can say cliffhanger, this one will be a sure winner.

Eggshell Skull

Warning – this book contains subjects that some readers may find distressing. Brought to us by young, enthusiastic, and brilliant author, journalist, activist, and influencer, Bri Lee. Eggshell Skull is Lee’s memoir about standing up, speaking out, and fighting back.

“Bri Lee began her first day of work at the Queensland District Court as a bright-eyed judge’s associate. Two years later she was back as the complainant in her own case.”

book recommendations hunterhunter alicia poole newcastle nsw

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

An absolute page-turner, there are so many moments throughout this incredible story that readers will relate to. It’s funny yet unpredictable and we can say for sure, Eleanor Oliphant is not fine.


Don’t roll your eyes at this one! This has got to be one of my all-time favourite books, although it certainly wasn't during my high school studies, over time I have really built respect for the way Shelley created this iconic story. Don’t diss it until you give the full read – there’s a reason it’s made the classic shelves!

Great Expectations

Ok, I swear this is the last classic one I have on this list, but again, once you give it a read from start to finish, you’ll be thanking me. It actually took me three years, and multiple failed attempts to actually finish, but my lord I’m glad I did.

Home Body

This recommendation is for lovers of poetry. I first came across Kaur’s works with her first work, Milk and Honey, followed by her second, and just as popular, The Sun and her Flowers. Publishing her third works in 2020, Home Body seems just like the perfect piece of poetry for us all to enjoy whilst we are in fact, forced to be home bodies.

I Give My Marriage A Year

For lovers of the ever-growing content site, Mamamia, you will need no introduction to the content mastermind that is Holly Wainwright. Writer, editor, and broadcaster, Wainwright is also the Head of Content at the aforementioned publication, but in her spare time, she writes books! This goodie is filled with relatable events that any married couple could see themselves in. Follow the ever-winding road and hilariously relatable story of the modern Australian marriage of long-time couple Lou and Josh.

book recommendations hunterhunter alicia poole newcastle nsw


The sequel to Horowitz’ award-winning novel, The House of Silk (see below for further explanation), Moriarty gets you hooked and reveals an ending, not even the best crime-solver could see coming.

The Alchemist

My absolute all-time favourite book – ever! This one is perfect for those that are feeling a little lost in their life path or those that consider themselves a little more spiritual. The world-renowned Brazilian writer, Paulo Coehlo, transports readers to another reality, all whilst making you consider your life in this one.

The House of Silk

Lover of Sherlock Holmes? Whilst the incredibly talented Sir Arthur Conan Doyle may have passed in 1930, equally talented English author, Anthony Horowitz has brought Holmes back to life with this incredible adaptation and brilliantly paced version of the mystery tales.

The Magpie Murders

Ok ok ok – who loves a good whodunnit? Well, buckle in because this one will take you on a journey that will keep even the keenest detective on their toes. Another genius piece of work by author Anthony Horowitz, The Magpie Murders followed by its sequel, The Moonflower Murders could very well be this generation’s version of Sherlock Holmes; you be the judge!

The Testaments

Who absolutely loves The Handmaid’s Tale? Whether it’s the original book or the TV series, you’ve got to get your hands on The Testaments. Published in 2019, Margaret Attwood’s sequel is set 15 years after the events of The Handmaid’s Tale and is narrated by the ever-so-contradictory character, Aunt Lydia.

Three Women

Exactly what the title suggests, this incredible novel follows the story of three women, three incredibly different women that are still somehow connected. A true depiction of the psychology of women and is one of those books you’ll read over and over again.

book recommendations hunterhunter alicia poole newcastle nsw

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty

“The game-changing book that every woman needs.”

Brought to us by British illustrator, writer, feminist, and influencer, Florence Given, Women Don’t Owe You Pretty is the ultimate read for those wanting to challenge outdated narratives and how to protect your energy; it’s the modern feminist novel we all need!

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