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Newcastle Podcast Station gives those with a podcast idea the ability to make it happen. – Mel Sargent

Does anyone else feel like podcasts have slowly been taking over their life? I mean, in a good way though! We’re all consuming content in different ways and learning and understanding new concepts and ideas; it’s super exciting! Whether it’s the newest crime podcast or you’re catching up on a segment from a radio show; almost everyone is downloading and listening to podcasts on the reg.

It’s no surprise to see that Newcastle is also home to numerous podcasts and with Newcastle’s very own Podcast Station opening up earlier this year, there’s been an even bigger boom in our cities podcast producing world!

Owner of the Newcastle Podcast Station, radio broadcaster, and podcast host of NHM – I got it from my mumma, Mel Sargent, was excited to open the station up earlier this year.

“Newcastle Podcast Station gives those with a podcast idea the ability to make it happen…podcasters can hire just the studio or have me edit their episodes too. I also meet with some clients and map out ideas and ways to monetise their podcasts,” Mel said.

Currently, the station hosts several different podcasts, including MasterChef’s Steph De Sousa The Last Supper, Hey Soul Sista by Melissa Histon, and Laura Jackel & Alana Dagwell’s Oversubscribed podcast.

We caught up with the gals from Oversubscribed ahead of their second season launch, to talk about how they got into the world of podcasts, what it means to be oversubscribed and what to expect from their new season!

The pair met whilst working at Hunter TAFE in the PR and Events departments where they would sit next to one another and talk non-stop.

“We would just talk all day, we were the original work wives,” Laura told me.

With a strong ability to chat away, and nearly 20 years of experience in the marketing and communications industry, the pair had all the right things going for them to be able to create a successful podcast.

“I think we’d caught up one morning for breakfast and I’d just said, I think we should do a podcast. We started talking about how we could do it, where we could do it and I think at the time, it was almost Christmas, so we’d decided to hold off until after the busy period. Once we caught up early this year, and we started chatting it all came together quite quickly,” Laura said.

Big fans of podcasts, Laura has been a long-time listener of Mama Mia’s Out Loud podcast whilst Alana says she just loves a bit of everything, but her true love is with Australia’s Case File. Which, if you’re a crime fan and you haven’t yet discovered, you should absolutely get listening!

“I love the Mama Mia out loud podcasts. I love listening to women chatting about stuff, which was the style of podcasts that I really wanted to have a go at.”

Originally, they’d been sourcing and chatting to contacts about how they could produce the podcast on their own. That meant getting some training and investing in the right equipment.

“We’d done some training with a local guy where we had a session of training, so we knew what we needed to do and what we needed to buy. But then Alana’s friend tagged us in something on Facebook that ended up being the Newcastle Podcast Station. It just so happened that we had both came to this at the same time,” Laura said.

After finding the Newcastle Podcast Station, and working alongside Mel, it all came together rather quickly. From recording in May and launching their first episode only two weeks later, it was full steam ahead.

“Working with Mel has been fantastic and a relief to know that she’s handling a lot of the technical aspects of getting the podcast live,” Alana said.

So, what can listeners expect from the Oversubscribed podcast? Well, the girls cover topics of which the name might suggest such as Season One Episode 7; Mothers: working 5 (am) to 9 (pm), and the recently launched Season Two Episode One; Do you really have to live your best life?

“We created this podcast for women like us and decided to call it ‘Oversubscribed’ because we have enough on our plate and feel pretty strung out at times but, here we are adding something else to it.

“It’s the concept of having too many tabs open on your internet browser and then opening another one,” Laura explained.

Both season one and season two of the podcast focusses heavily on topical concepts relevant to working mums. The girls continue to cover subjects such as fashion, beauty and Alana and Laura’s ‘book club’ or as some might put it; wine club. You can catch up on Oversubscribed Season One or listen along as they release a new episode of Season Two each week here.

If you’ve got an idea for a podcast or are keen to listen to some work created by some of our talented Newcastle locals, head to the Newcastle Podcast Station website.