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Newcastle Parkour

Moving from one spot to another as efficiently as possible

Stay fit, increase coordination and gain confidence with this unique sport.

If you're looking to learn all about Parkour and just what it takes to get aerial than here's what you need to know.  

So it turns out that when you see people in movies running up walls and jumping off buildings it is actually a thing and everyone can give it a go.

It is called Parkour and the idea is to get from one spot to another as fast and efficiently as possible. Having done a beginners class with Newcastle Parkour at the Movement Collective space in Wickham, I can honestly say I found it super challenging!!

Originally developed in France in the 1990s, Parkour allows an individual to develop a set of skills like running, jumping, rolling and vaulting that can be used in real life emergency situations.

Our trainer, Jason, explains, “A lot of it is a mental thing, just being a bit scared”. For me, this was definitely the case, and I had to keep reminding myself that it was mind over matter. Pushing myself to jump from one block to the other and doing a roll on the ground was a lot harder than it looked.

Jason admits that the biggest difference between the kids and adult classes is “the kids are less scared”, kids a used to running and rolling around everyday.

The beginner’s class is only required to attend once, just so you can get a basic understanding of what Parkour is. From there you can move on to the adult basic classes.

Newcastle Parkour