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Newcastle Flamenco Dance Classes

Experience for yourself the raw energy that is Flamenco Dance

It was in 1992 that Deya Miranda had her first Flamenco dance lesson, on holidays in Menorca (Spain) Deya was only 16 but this was no fleeting holiday experience. Deya's Spanish heritage continued to draw her in, going on to learn and perfect her art in Sydney with flamenco dancer Diana Reyes before returning to Spain where she spent 20 years studying, living, and working as a professional flamenco dancer.

newcastle flamenco dance

Returning to Australia in 2017 with her husband Paco Lara, the Spanish maestro of flamenco guitar, Deya together with Paco and their daughter moved to Newcastle where they perform all around the country and teach this unique art form as a way of sharing their love of Spanish culture with Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

newcastle flamenco dance

In 2018 Deya opened Newcastle Flamenco Dance which includes both Flamenco Dance classes and Gypsy Gym. Catering to all age groups, and fitness levels, even kids, here's what you can expect;

Flamenco Dance Classes

  • Body technique (alignment and correct posture, movement of arms, hands) and rhythm with footwork.
  • Followed by a dance choreography which is accompanied by flamenco singing, so you can fully appreciate the relationship between dance and singing.
  • To close out the class Deya will take you through flamenco footwork drills.
  • Deya also teaches children the Spanish language in her flamenco classes. 

Deya's studio is located at 15 Elizabeth Street, Tighes Hill, the stunning building sets the scene for what is a truly dramatic and energising way to end your day. For those living in the Hunter Valley, Deya brings her classes to the Polish Hall - 6 Grant St, Maitland.

newcastle flamenco dance

newcastle flamenco dance

Gypsy Gym

If you prefer something a little less intense, Gypsy Gym is the perfect option. Hugely popular in Europe Deya is bringing this fun and easy way to get fit to Newcastle explaining the concept best as,

"Gypsy Gym is most simply explained as a fusion of Zumba and Flamenco dance. It's a fun, feel-good experience -you won't even notice you're working out."
newcastle flamenco dance classes

This low intensity, joint-friendly, but high-calorie burn fitness program is all about:

  • Improve your overall fitness and wellness
  • Help to realign your spine and correct your posture
  • Lower stress levels and get your endorphins flowing
  • Assist with weight loss and tone your muscles.

Gypsy Gym classes are held at the Hamilton Community Hive, 152 Beaumont St, Hamilton. 

newcastle flamenco dance classes

if you're looking to try something new, and like the idea of being swept up in the raw energy that is Flamenco Dance or want to learn to move like a gypsy, new classes start next term so be sure to get in contact with Deya to get all the details. 

newcastle flamenco gypsy gym classes