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Of Scout by Abicus

Working for a small business, you just know all of the customers, that’s just really nice..

The friendly and welcoming face that you may have chatted to at Scout on Darby Street is that of Tegan Seymour. Originally from Maitland, Tegan has an enviably large following on Instagram, an aesthetically pleasing and incredibly informative lifestyle and fashion blog, and has some serious style sense.

We caught up to talk all things Newcastle, social media and style.

What do you love most about Newcastle?
"The whole vibe of it. It’s a coastal town and we’ve got all these nice restaurants, boutiques and cafes…it’s still like a city but really chill at the same time."

Your blog, Permanent Procrastination, is incredible! How did you get into it?
"I started up years back, must have been in year 12. You know, when Tumblr was a thing and I found this cool product; it was hand warmers that looked like toast, and they were so cute, so I made a Tumblr post, and it just took off! Within a week it had like 28,000 likes and the company contacted me, saying this is amazing, thank you so much, have a gift pack. It was so exciting that I thought, I need to post about this, and I started on Tumblr then progressed to a BlogSpot and then once Instagram took off, I’ve just adapted to new platforms."

What do you blog about?
"I feel like I use it less and less now because I have so much to do with Instagram now and it takes up a lot of my time, but I still just love to do it. I love writing about things that interest me, like my lifestyle, I love furniture and decorating. I’m also going to start writing some more fashion posts for Scout."

How long have you been at Scout?
"I think it has been three years in August."

What do you love most about being a part of the Scout team?
"I work by myself which I really like and being a small business I get the opportunity to be involved with the admin side of things… which is really cool to get that experience."

What does a Scout customer look like?
"We get so many girls that are in high school up to girls around my age [25], but because we have brands like Spell, we also get people in their late twenties and above. It’s just so broad."

You’ve got a really strong sense of style. Do you have a favourite brand or label?
"I’m a major fan of Afends; I’ve met the people that made that and they’re so nice! They’ve also contacted me to advertise some of their stuff before, not even knowing that I work at Scout which is really cool."

17,500 followers on Instagram…how on earth did you manage that?
"It’s honestly such a slow process...getting reposted I feel like is really key. It’s also just a lot of fun. I get to ask questions on my stories and get all these people responding directly to me which is really cool."

Who is your biggest inspiration?
"Actually honestly, my partner. He is really good with clothes. I look back at stuff I was wearing before we started dating and he’s definitely kind of swayed my style…I was a bit more outrageous with slogan tees when I was growing up. He dresses well and encourages me to not dress like a weirdo."

Favourite thing to do in Newcastle?
"I just love to walk the Anzac Memorial, that’s just so nice, also just hanging around the city; there’s just so many nice places and it’s just nice to be outside."

Do you have a go-to caffeine fix?
"I live very close [to Darby Street] and I just love Three Monkeys; I’m a big fan of chai. But, Welsh Blacks is always my number one."

Future You: Where would you like to be?
"If I can continue on with social media that would be really cool; it’s just always changing. Leaving high school, this kind of stuff wasn’t even around, it’s just crazy! People are doing it as their full-time jobs, which is just really cool."

Do you have any advice for people wanting to get into blogging?
"Networking a lot with other people that do the same thing is really good. Even they can love your stuff and shout you out and that can have a big influence on you. I even had a shout-out in Brazil the other day and I had to translate it! Then looked up how to say thank you in Portuguese."