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Photographer, model coach and agent

Is it possible to have a successful creative career right here in Newcastle?

Being a young creative in Newcastle often meant that you would eventually have to move to a bigger city like Sydney or Melbourne where there was more opportunity. But now thanks to social media that isn’t always the case.

Photographer, model coach and model agent, Michelle Lobb, is proof that you can have a successful creative career right here in Newcastle.

Michelle began modelling at 13 years of age when Harpers Bazaar first discovered her. After quitting at the age of 26 she then decided to take up photography.

With 100% of her bookings and all her work done through social media Michelle explains, “The way social media has taken over the industry, and well every industry, I don’t need to travel down to Sydney to do shoots”.

Michelle currently has 8 models on her books, 7 of which are from Newcastle, with plans to expand in the future.

Do you think there is a big creative scene in Newcastle?

Huge! There are a lot of makeup artists and photographers. Not only that but painters, artists, all kinds of creatives.

What would be your advice for any young person wanting to get into the industry?

You have to finish school! I make sure all the models I look after put school first. Also if you’re going to be a model you need to realise that you yourself is a business, you can’t go out and get drunk the night before, you can’t eat crap food. You need to look after yourself because the way that you look that is how you are getting paid.

And for photographers, shoot as many people has you can, be creative and proactive.

Would you still be doing what you do without social media?

Yes, but I would be doing more the agent side of it not so much photography.

Social media has allowed me to shoot for magazines, brands, models, makeup artists and I don’t even have a website!

What is your favourite thing to do in Newcastle?

I live for the beach and you probably see that through my photos. I go everyday, as soon as I get in the water everything is just amazing!

What is you favourite pub/bar in Newcastle?

Well of course I am going to say The Lass O’Gowrie (Michelle’s parents own the Lass and she has grown up living above it). It’s home, I work there as well and everyone is super friendly. Everyone looks after each other, it’s a good ‘vibing’ pub.

Otherwise I would have to say…I love Asian food, so I eat at Nan’s Dumpling Time a lot and that place on Hunter Street, Saigon Feast, I am obsessed with their pho!