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The women empowering Hunter Plastic Surgery

Hunter Plastic Surgery was established 10 years ago and since then have performed countless life-changing surgical and non-surgical procedures. To celebrate this local business and their phenomenal success we sat down with Amber (Co-founder and Director) and Jessica (Practice Manager). The strong women behind this female-focused business.

Hi Amber, tell me about Hunter Plastic Surgery?

My husband, Dr Nick Moncrieff and I founded Hunter Plastic Surgery. Our focus is exclusively breast and body surgery: breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tucks and body lifts. So we are all about women and making them happy, confident and healthy.

Your 'why'? 

I really love what we do. I think I probably became even more interested in the power of surgery once I had my own kids and really understood the changes, and challenges that ageing and having children bring, including for a woman’s body.

I am a proud feminist, which I know some people find incongruous with our industry. But Nick and I both feel strongly that if a procedure would make a woman feel more confident and happy, or make her life free of pain (like a breast reduction), then she should be empowered to make that choice.

Your day?

My focus at work is our overall business – so everything from marketing, leading our team and managing our performance. But I also look at how we can constantly get better – from the first phone call a patient makes to their final post-operative visit and beyond.

I’m also a Mum of three boys aged eight and under so I juggle my family commitments and things like school reading, with being at work. Nick is a hands-on Dad, which helps as I know he has things like brekkie sorted when I’m out exercising in the morning. He is also a bit of a cook – which is lucky as I’m not!

Have you had procedures yourself?

Yes, I’m quite open about having non-surgical procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections and fat freezing. I also had a breast reduction a few years ago as I got sick of the neck and shoulder pain. One of the best things I’ve done for myself! And no, Nick didn’t do it – it is inappropriate for surgeons to operate on their own family. But I made sure I went to a real Plastic Surgeon, a colleague in Sydney.

Tell us about the difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon?

This is something I feel really strongly about because we see so many bad results from underqualified cosmetic surgeons. Plastic surgeons are a legally recognised speciality, requiring a minimum of 14 years of training, study and examinations. While ‘cosmetic surgeon’ is a term that anyone with a basic 5-year medical qualification.

All women need to do it to check for the letters of FRACS (Plas Surg) after a doctor’s name. If they don’t have that, they are not a real plastic surgeon.

Hi Jessica, tell us about your role at Hunter Plastic Surgery?

Over the last nine years of working here I have been fortunate enough to learn and work my way up into my current role of Practice Manager.

I started off as a patient myself! After losing a lot of weight and having researched some surgeons in Sydney and not finding the experience I was looking for- I started researching local surgeons and found Dr Moncrieff, or Nick as I call him. I immediately felt comfortable and confident with him.

After my recovery I was so happy with my experience, and with Nick’s encouragement, I applied for a job. After my surgery it was honestly life changing and I knew that this was an industry I’d love to be a part of.

I have completed my Certificate IV in Business Management, attended and presented at Fat Freezing University (yes there is such a thing) and I am one of the youngest members of the Plastic Practice Managers Group in Australia. I have also won an award for Best Individual Customer Service in the Lake Macquarie Business Awards. Amber has always encouraged me to aim to grow my skills and she is an amazing business leader to look up to.

What do you love about your role?

The best part of my job is definitely being alongside the patients and seeing the life-changing results they get to enjoy. For example, seeing a fit mum being able to achieve her fitness goals now that she has had her abdominal muscle separation repaired.

Another great example is women that have lived with large breasts their whole lives who then have a breast reduction, and don’t have to worry about finding swimmers that fit comfortably or chase after their grandkids, or can even take up a new sport.

I also love leading a team of strong, independent and successful women who are all mums and share the same core values around delivering exceptional customer service and an amazing experience to our patients. A number of our team have been patients too – which new patients love as they can talk to someone who has been through that journey!

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