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New Darby Street Cosmetic Clinic offers customised treatments to Newcastle

Over the years, more and more people of all ages, genders, and demographics have become interested in the anti-aging process and maintaining a youthful appearance. 

Newcastle is no stranger to this trend, in fact, we have seen many new beauty and skin clinics open throughout the region. However, there is a newly opened clinic on Darby Street that is piquing quite a lot of interest amongst locals and travelling Sydney siders alike. 

mediluxx elements cosmetic clinic darby st newcastle

Mediluxx Elements which opened on the 1st July 2020, is a luxuriously designed cosmetic, skin, and beauty medi-clinic. Offering bespoke and customised treatments giving each and every client an individual experience. Mediluxx Elements is a joint venture by Directors Belinda Lister and Michele Hetherington. Both women are originally from Newcastle and are extremely passionate about this venture as it allows them to give back to their communities. 

Michele Hetherington & Belinda Lister
Michele Hetherington & Belinda Lister

“Michele and I have always had this dream and it is so fantastic to see it as our reality,” says Belinda. 

Combining Belinda’s almost 20 year background in pre-hospital care and Michele’s extensive experience in the beauty industry as a Senior Dermal Therapist, Mediluxx Elements brings a combined forty five years of experience to Newcastle. 

mediluxx elements cosmetic clinic darby st newcastle

“After completing my studies in Beauty Therapy, I have worked as a beauty educator and laser technician for nearly twenty-five years,” Michele said. 

Not only do the Directors have a vast range of experience, but so does the rest of the Mediluxx Elements team who comprise of both local and Sydney-based members. Alongside Belinda and Michele, their team includes Principle Doctor, Dr. Huy Tang, an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon from Sydney, Executive Assistant to Dr. Huy Tang, Jane Luong, Registered Nurse Teah Blayden, and Patient Liason, Sara Baker. 

The duo has pulled together some of the best beauty industry experts to bring the Mediluxx Elements team to life. Dr Huy Tang has performed over 3000 breast augmentations and specialises in high definition liposuction. 

“We are currently going through a period of growth, where we will be shortly recruiting another Registered Nurse as the demand is there. After our first few months of trading, we are proud to say we are busy enough to already grow our team,” Belinda said. 

mediluxx elements cosmetic clinic darby st newcastle

Walking into Mediluxx Elements you will immediately feel at ease with their crisp white interior and Scandinavian aesthetics. The warm and calming environment created within the space doesn’t stop just there. From your welcomed smile and greeting everyone feels at home and comfortable at Mediluxx Elements. 

The medi-clinic is equipped with the latest technology available for cosmetic procedures. These procedures are designed for both men and women of all ages. With full consultations provided prior to treatments and services taking place, the Mediluxx Elements team guides patients through the entire process to ensure full transparency, understanding, and that the correct treatment is chosen for your needs. 

mediluxx elements cosmetic clinic darby st newcastle

Looking over the treatments available at Mediluxx Elements, every need is catered for from brow shaping, tinting, and waxing to laser treatments including skin rejuvenation, BBL therapy, Fotona skin tightening, tattoo removal as well as micro-needling, medi-peels, and medi-facials. 

Surgical treatments by Dr. Huy Tang includes liposuction, abdominoplasty, and autologous fat transfer. Surgical breast treatments offered include augmentation, mastopexy, reduction, gynaecomastia as well as implant removal and replacement. 

Surgical face treatments offered include surgical blepharoplasty, chin liposuction, and fat transfer. Mediluxx Elements also offers less-invasive, non-surgical treatments for the face including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, and thread lifts. 

mediluxx elements cosmetic clinic darby street newcastle

“We ensured that our clinic looks inviting and is stunning so that people were comfortable visiting us. Whatever treatment they are enquiring about - men, women, all ages; they’re all welcome.

“Specialising in customised and bespoke treatments enables Michele to help a lot of people. Younger people with acne and skin problems that can sometimes have confidence issues are a big part of our clientele. Keeping the confidence that you get from good skin in mind, we built Mediluxx Elements to ensure that everyone was comfortable that walked through our front door.” 

Inclusivity is one of the core values for the Mediluxx Elements team, as is their customised and bespoke treatment programs. Before a treatment or service takes place and following on from each consultation, a plan is created and tailored to each and every client. There is no one size approach to packages, treatments or services.

mediluxx elements cosmetic clinic darby street newcastle

“It’s all different age demographics, all different backgrounds; they are here for different reasons, but they all want that bit of extra confidence. I think that’s really touching on the bespoke offerings that we have here and how we cater to each and every individual, rather than a collective approach to beauty.” 

“Our biggest point of difference is that we are not a beauty salon. We are a confidence boosting cosmetic medi-clinic. We are here to help you with all of your skin and body concerns and educate you in the process. Whether it be for anti-aging, beautification, or any concerns; we are here to help you on your journey.” 

Ensuring clients are comfortable is a main focus for the clinic. A full consultation is given for both surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments to ensure that full transparency and understanding on both parties exists. This obligation-free consultation is to ensure your comfortable moving forward before progressing with your treatment. 

mediluxx elemts cosmetic clinic darby st newcastle

“It is important to note that not everyone is suitable for the treatments that they might want and think that they need. This is why we sit down and educate each and every client on the options available based on their health conditions, medical history, facial type, structure etc. There is a lot of pre-work that we do to ensure that each client is educated about the treatment and services offered to make them comfortable with the process and that includes working with us. Every single person's body and skin is different and that is why a full consultation is given prior to commencing their treatments with us,” confirms Michele. 

mediluxx elements cosmetic clinic darby street newcastle

Belinda and Michele have far exceeded their vision of opening a cosmetic clinic that offers more. With the Darby Street space only having been in operation for less than six months.

“The opportunity for growth is imminent and who knows, there might be a second location opening before we know it,” Belinda said. 

“We are pinching ourselves almost daily and smile in disbelief when we walk into our clinic and look at what we’ve created. We are proud, grateful and so happy we get to share our dream with the people of Newcastle and give them the confidence that they deserve to feel,” said Belinda and Michele.

Real clients, real results, real confidence.

mediluxx elements cosmetic clinic darby street newcastle

To visit this idyllic location and treat yourself to the confidence you deserve, click here to book in for your appointment.