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Local creatives for the win once more

It seems like we’re talking a lot about local creative-lead initiatives recently, and we couldn’t be more psyched for it! With the opening of SMAC Studio, the changes happening over at Onwards Studio and now, the NEW creative hub to open up in town; Mitch Revs’ & Ben Neil’s Makers / Creators.

You may already be well acquainted with both the Mitch Revs Gallery or the home of Pinot & Picasso and the Hunter St burger joint, Newy Burger Co – but there’s a new space open on the main street’s strip and it’s the work of the aforementioned two mates that brought Makers / Creators to life.

makers creators artist creative hub newcastle

Originally a concept created by Mitch to help promote local up-and-coming and established artists on the Mitch Revs website. The online initiative listed local artists alongside their work, and now, the Hunter Street bricks and mortar space is just a physical version of exactly that.

“The online initiative seemed to speak really well to those seeking local art. So, we thought, why not turn it into a space that people could physically be a part of.”

A walk down Hunter St can be somewhat disappointing to see so many empty shops, but those with the drive to revitalise Newcastle just like Ben and Mitch we hope to see their moves encourage other small business owners to think about renting closer to the CBD.

Not your typical gallery space, Makers / Creators aims to offer a diverse range of experiences including creative workshops, private functions, exhibitions, and pop-up markets (post-covid) right in the heart of Newcastle.

makers creators artist creative hub newcastle

“Now that I have a home for my own artwork [The Mitch Revs Art Gallery], I want to help motivate and inspire other creatives. I feel like we’re only scratching the surface opening Makers Creators, but it’s a good start,” Mitch said.

Why the name, Makers / Creators?

“Makers and Creators seemed to sum up a group of creatives and exactly what they do, make, and create.”

Taking over the lease at the end of July, the pair got stuck into renovations and turned the space into what you see now in just two short weeks. Officially opening on the 8th of August, Makers / Creators has launched with a group opening artists showcasing their work; Prudence DeMarchi, Brittany Fern, Dan Bianco, Joey Davis, A trotting Fox (Sean Fox), Changes Tides (Jacob Bee-Gill and Shannon Lovell), Brendan Robinson, and The Naked Florist (Ashleigh Palmowski).

Brittany Ferns - Artist
Brittany Ferns - Artist

Whilst it’s only just opened, the pair have big plans for the space and hope to bring some much-needed love, entertainment and good vibes into the area.

“It would be awesome to further support creatives in the music space, and we think this space could eventually turn into that.

“All we want from this space for now is to share the love - If we can showcase Makers / Creators and provide a space that people enjoy being creative through our Pinot & Picasso workshops, while getting to eat the best burgers in Newy, we are happy.”

You can head into the Makers / Creators space to browse current exhibitions or you can browse online here. If you’re planning on seeing the space with your own eyes, make sure to drop into Newy Burger Co and support two local businesses in one hit!

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