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Getting sweaty and seriously fit since 2014

If you’re wanting to get back in shape but lacking some motivation, here’s a tip, do a drive by Lissome at Adamstown.

How’s this going to help? Lissome is a cross training gym and on any given day of the week there are a bunch of awesome chicks getting sweaty, pumping weights and doing some pretty extraordinary fitness workouts. Even on a quick visit has you pumped to get back into the gym.

It’s fair to say that Lissome, which was started by Nerida Bint back in August 2014, is better described as a way of life rather than just a gym membership, and once you sign up you become a part of the Lissome community, who love to train as much as they do have fun, drink coffee, socialise and share a wine or two.

Nerida is loaded with energy and is hugely passionate about the health and fitness biz, so much so that she wanted to create more than just a place to exercise and get fit in, instead, a way of life for women, and a few men, of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Whilst it’s all laughs and smiles pre work out, there’s no pussyfooting around when classes start. Nerida and Ashlee don’t hold back when it comes to pushing you to train at your best and the bodies tell the story. There is a whole lot of awesome shoulder, ab and bootie action going on with the ladies kicking some serious arse in the squat, push ups and weight lifting department.

Intimidating you may think, not at all. Nerida knows all too well what it’s like to walk into a gym and have that ‘what are you doing here’ kind of feeling which is why the team go out of their way to make all feel welcome and a part of the Lissome family.

No work out is the same with Nerida finding new ways to make you sweat and reassess your fitness goals.