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What does working out at home really look like?

It’s no surprise that most of us have had to work on our at-home workouts with COVID-19 restrictions seeing fitness centres having to temporarily close their doors, and it hasn’t exactly been easy.

Our homes are now not only our office space, school room but they’ve also turned into our gyms, that also happens to be very conveniently located near the fridge and snack cupboard - resisting temptation has never been so difficult.

The biggest Women’s only cross-training gym in NSW, and one of Newcastle’s most loved fitness spots, Lissome has been going above and beyond for their members to ensure that they’re all a part of the Lissome community.

“It was a really scary time at the start. To think that something that you’ve worked on 5-6 years could be shut down and was totally out of your control. The only thing that got me through it was that so many people were going through the same thing.

“Someone gave me some advice, to always see the silver lining. And they were right, as this might just be the best thing that could have happened for us. I’ve always wanted to go online and this made it happen.

“We’ve now sold online memberships to girls all over Australia as well as the UK and the USA. We’ve even had girls from Newcastle that have been following us on social media finally join up and say they can’t wait to get in when the gym reopens,” Lissome owner, Nerida Bint tells us. 

We caught up with one member, Annabelle Regan, to hear how she’s been motivating herself to keep on top of her daily workouts and keeping connected with the Lissome community.

lissome womens only gym carrington newcastle

Joining Lissome after returning to Newcastle following a stint in South Australia, Annabelle was looking for a change in her fitness routine. A long-time follower of Lissome’s social pages, she went along to an upcoming open day and was hooked.  

“I had been following Lissome on social media for so many years. It was something a little bit different and I loved the idea of being able to throw around barbells and doing some gymnastics work. It’s been almost two years and I haven’t looked back since,” Annabelle told me.

lissome womens only gym carrington newcastle

When the restrictions on gyms were announced, the prospect of not being able to train for months was scary, not only for Annabelle but most gym members.

“I immediately messaged Nerida, the owner of Lissome, and asked if I could borrow some dumbells. I knew if the gym was going to close, I needed something. So, I went and picked up some 15kg dumbbells just so I knew I had a little bit of weight at home.

“I didn’t freak out, because I knew they would continue classes online – I knew they would have some sort of contingency plan. But being able to borrow the equipment and bring it home so I could still feel a part of that training was really important.”

lissome womens only gym carrington newcastle

It’s no surprise to hear that working out online is much harder, as you’re no longer surrounded by a supportive environment and the motivation can be at an all-time low.

“It’s really hard to finish your workout because there are times that you do want to give up in the gym, but no one lets you do that. When you’re at home and by yourself, you just think, oh I can probably cut this short, no one is going to care.”

Making sure she is staying accountable, and keeping at her workouts consistently, Annabelle has been time lapsing her workouts and posting them on her socials.

“I’ve had such amazing comments from the Lissome girls – like I’m also motivating them to get it done. It’s also been a way to motivate myself because if I haven’t posted a workout in a few days I think people will make me feel accountable!”

Lissome has created an online portal for all of their members to access a range of warmups, movements, and workouts as well as nutrition and mindset talks. For those that need that little extra motivation, live daily zoom classes are available for you to join in on, and every Friday night all members are welcome to join in on the zoom drinks.

“I’ve logged onto a few and it’s great. The coach will be there to motivate you and to coach you through. If they see you doing a movement wrong, they’ll pull you up on it. That’s one way that they’re still bringing that community vibe.

“Last week we did a trivia night, and they’re still giving us all that social connection which is such a massive part of what Lissome is.”

lissome womens only gym carrington newcastle

With all of these online workouts and at-home works happening across the country, it’s got us thinking – will this change the way we workout in the future?

“I’ve been really shocked at how much I push myself here at home and how consistent I’ve been. So, it is nice to know that going back, if I can’t make it to the gym or if I’m traveling away for work, I still do have that motivation to do this myself.”

To learn more about Lissome’s online sessions or their outdoor training, head to the website here.