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Kinfolk Barbers

Mixing age old techniques with community spirit in an iconic Islington shop

Kinfolk Barbers takes a slightly different approach to the art of barbering. They are all about providing a service for people who appreciate quality, meticulous attention to detail and an experience crafted by a master barber.

With traditional barbering techniques dating back more than a century, things haven't needed to change much in order to stay ahead of the curve as far as precision cutting and shaving methods go. What Kinfolk strive to do is preserve these age old methodologies, firstly because of the quality of work it produces, and secondly to continue the longevity of the craft.

Located in Islington, owner Atlas said, 

“Kinfolk was started around the idea that a barbershop should have a strong community focus. This philosophy is rooted in doing some good for the locals, whether that’s making them look and feel their best, providing some often illuminating discussion, or even just exposing them to some new music or podcasts they haven't heard before.”

Atlas began working in the barbershop game about eight years ago in a relic of a shop where people really did come to connect with other people.

“I think most of the regulars just came for the chat, and it just so happened they left with a great haircut too.”

The future of Kinfolk is not only to cut hair by day, but to provide a performance venue and gathering space by night. Intimate acoustic gigs, monthly boozy book clubs and skill sharing workshops are all on the cards for this little space on Beaumont Street Islington.

Kinfolk is a modern experience with a traditional heart. With steamed hot towels and age-old techniques, its casual luxury, tucked away in an iconic old Islington shop, and is distinguished by a quality that transcends time and hints at a history to tell.

Kinfolk Barbers

8 Beaumont Street, Islington NSW 2296

Today - 0900 - 1800