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Are now providing free virtual skin consultations

We're fast approaching the one month anniversary, April 22, of being in lockdown. Not sure it’s cause for celebration, however, it could be a good time to treat yourself to some self-pampering.

After a month of not needing to venture out in anything other than your sweats and skipping your usual daily make up routine, you may be getting a little lax on some of your other beauty routines. That is if you had any in the first place.

Skin routine or no skin routine, nothing makes you feel better than some self-pampering, and this is where Michelle Grove from Indulgences Beauty Therapy can help.

Usually located at The Junction, Michelle and her team of therapists have been providing an extensive range of face, body, wellness and beauty treatments since 2004. With business life being turned upside down Michelle has decided instead to press the power button, rather than pause, taking the usually face-to-face beauty business purely online. Michelle explained to us,

“Indulgences Beauty Therapy has been my business baby for 15 years now. Even though I have had a website for just about as long as the salon, now has been the perfect time for a refresh and to provide a better user experience.”

Indulgences Beauty Therapy

As a part of this refreshed online service Michelle is offering a FREE 15 minute Virtual Skin Consultation which provides current and new clients with a skin care plan and guidance around the best products to be using on their skin.

To get a proper understanding of the process Michelle offered to take me through the online consultation, assessing my skin and providing some much needed skincare advice. This is how the consultation went;

Indulgences Beauty Therapy

Step 1: Book a day and time for your Free Virtual Skin Consultation.

Step 2: Complete the online consultation form prior to your appointment.

Step 3: Submit three images of your skin (yes with no makeup on).

Step 4: Michelle will then send you a Zoom invitation, consultations over the phone are also an option.

Step 5: Your 15-minute consultation commences with Michelle going through your online form, asking additional questions about your skin, providing advice on your skin issues and recommendations around products you should be using. Throughout the session, Michelle is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your skin or skin-related issues.

Indulgences Beauty Therapist

At the conclusion of your consultation Michelle emails through a comprehensive ‘Skin Care and Nutrition Plan’ that addresses your skin concerns and her recommended product list to help remedy your skin issues.

Indulgences Beauty Therapy

With so much change in such a short period of time, we were curious to find out just how Michelle was coping and how her business is tracking.

"My business has been turned upside and some serious adjusting has been needed. I am however really lucky to have such a beautiful and loyal clientele base that continues to support me during these tougher times."

And for a little facial pick me up what would be your best at-home recommendation?
"For right now it would be to keep up with exfoliating and masking at home’  Most benefits to the skin come from these two steps in a professional facial treatment so adding them into your home routine now is great idea, exfoliating with enzyme-based products such as Facial in a Jar from Skin Juice can give you a 'mini peel at home’ followed up with a mask that's hydrating and nourishing will feed the skin so much goodness like Skin Juice Vanilla and Honey. So much more time at home should hopefully mean a little more time to pamper yourself so its a win win!"

Indulgences Beauty Therapy

Indulgences Beauty Therapy

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