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Hunter Allied Care

Holistic approach to health care

Kickass, all female team working together alongside Neurosurgeon, Peter Spittaler

Hunter Allied Care was formed last October, and since January now includes a team of practitioners including Physiotherapist, Kristy Hord; a Registered Cosmetic and Clinical Nurse, Louise Herfurth; and a Dietitian, Sarah Tew. 

Along with the owner, Simone, Peter's P.A., Grace, and admins, Monique and Ange this female team, with four of them under the age of 30, are determined to grow this start-up business to its full potential.

As a business woman from a young age, Simone supports young people in business, encouraging and advising them as they learn and grow into their new jobs. Through their online presence and interaction with clients, Simone encourages the younger generation's voice to be the face of the business.

This small tight-knit team are focused on giving the patient the most comfortable and welcoming experience and getting to know each individual when they enter through the doors.

Keen to find out more? Join the ladies at the Hunter Allied Care launch party, April 26th. Meet the practitioners, have a glass of champagne and see some anti-wrinkle injections live! Just make sure you RSVP to Grace at

Hunter Allied Care

44 Hudson Street, Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Today - 0830 - 1700