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Got dry skin? Check out Newcastle-born start-up, Humidi!

It’s no secret that so many people suffer from dry skin. Most turn to products like serums and creams in a bid to stay hydrated, but the truth is that topical products can only do so much. Enter Humidi; an Australian-based beauty start-up with the mission to treat dryness and dehydration.

humidi ultrasonic humidifier newcastle nsw

Think of Humidi as a new age beauty tool, specifically designed to leave consumers feeling hydrated, fresh, and clean.

Humidi is an ultrasonic humidifier that uses high-frequency sound vibrations to produce an extra fine water mist. Artificial heating, cooling, and seasonal changes can suck the moisture out of the environment, wreaking havoc on our skin.

humidi ultrasonic humidifier newcastle nsw

It can look like itching, tightness, flaking, and irritation – none of which are ideal. Humidi combats this by adding moisture back into the air, working to soothe and hydrate your complexion.

Humidi Founder Madeline Fitzgibbon launched the product last year after struggling with dry skin for years…

“I’ve struggled with dry skin my whole life and after trialling endless beauty products (not to mention spending hundreds of dollars), I started researching other alternatives. That’s when I read about the amazing benefits of humidifiers.

“I quickly realised there were no stylish and affordable humidifiers on the market, so wanted to create a product that not only helped my dry skin but also looked lovely in my home,” Madeline shared.

humidi ultrasonic humidifier newcastle nsw

In addition to restoring skin moisture levels, Humidi is great for overall health. The ultrasonic humidifier helps prevent airborne viruses, cleaning the air to help clear sinuses and loosen congestion so you can breathe easy.

“It’s portable, wireless, and only needs charging with a USB outlet – which means you can take it with you wherever you may go, including into the office. It also has a beautiful night light and doesn’t make a sound – I don’t sleep without it now.

humidi ultrasonic humidifier newcastle nsw

"I've loved building a passionate Humidi community. Our customers have provided such positive feedback on Humidi skin and health benefits - from hydrating dry skin to helping clear sinuses! It's always so rewarding to know that people are getting amazing results from Humidi!"

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