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Hudson St Hum

A multi-disciplinary creative and visual arts space in Hamilton

One year on we just couldn’t be happier with Hudson Street Hum’s evolution into a relaxed, welcoming creative workshop space embraced by student artists, makers and writers of all ages and abilities.

A Japanese Kintsugi workshop is coming to the Hudson St Hum on June 27th.

The morning class has sold out but an additional class in the afternoon has been scheduled. So what is Kintsugi?

Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of mending broken pottery using lacquer with gold, platinum or silver. The philosophy of Kintsugi is that an object is sometimes broken. However, this is part of its life. Rather than throwing it away, it can be repaired and the cracks remain to show its history.

When: 27th June
Time: 1:30pm-3:30pm
Cost: $120pp
More details here
To Book: click here

Since opening the doors of their creative arts workshop space in Hamilton last year, founders Aleeta and Suzie say they have been overwhelmed by the support from artists and the positive response from the community.

“We have the most amazing creative community here in Newcastle and we are so happy to have created a welcoming, flexible space where artists and makers share their incredible skills with those who want to discover or develop their own creativity.”

Aleeta and Suzie run ‘Unload’ kids creative writing classes at Hudson Street Hum but they love that it is now a multi-disciplinary creative and visual arts space offering a range of awesome creative workshops, regular weekly classes and one-off events.

Sounds like the perfect place to have fun, connect with yourself and others and unleash your hidden talents!

Hudson St Hum is a social business so all profits go back into creating positive social impact through donating use of the venue for community projects. 

Chatting with the lovely ladies behind this creative hub, Aleeta and Suzie, the Creative Arts Workshop space in Hamilton is best described as an 'open book' with Aleeta and Suzie opening the space to encourage arts within the community.   

Originally working in the publishing and communication world it was a casual chat in the park that sparked their initial concept, the not-for-profit 'Unload'.

Six years on Aleeta and Suzie wanted to grow the Unload program which then led to the Hudson St Hum concept. Today, obviously on Hudson St in Hamilton, is where you'll find an incredible, and huge, space that encourages all kinds of creativity via their many different workshops, lots of fun and is the perfect place to unleash all your unknown talents.

Hudson St Hum is also all about the locals with the ladies setting it up as a social business enterprise, with all profits going directly back into the local community, funding social impact programmes.

Aleeta says, "In a nutshell Hudson Street Hum is a creative arts space where you will find local artists, writers and makers offering classes and workshops in all things creative."

The list of events and happenings are as varied as they are interesting, to find out more and get involved head to Hudson St Hum.