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Homegrown Markets

Newcastle's local focussed market is back at The Station | 24 Jul

Photography courtesy by Andž

Where: The Station
When: 24 Jul | 9am-2pm
More Info: click here


As each day goes by, have you noticed that the world gets a little more chaotic? But the sun keeps on rising, winter is slowly yet surely turning into spring, and markets in Newcastle are doing wonders to keep us all a little bit calm in the midst of chaos.

Reliable regularity and a sense of community is really what it’s all about, and this Saturday at the Station in Newcastle, Homegrown is back with the goods. But before we get into the top stalls you should absolutely check out this weekend, a reminder to mask up, stay COVID safe, and be kind to one another.  

homegrown markets newcastle the station homemade eco conscious


Do we even need to spell out why you should check out Honeybellecakery? Cake, people, everyone (even Shrek) loves cake. These mouth-watering treats are just the ticket for a winter’s day, and a way to reward yourself after running errands.

homegrown markets newcastle the station homemade eco conscious

If you’re looking for an extra excuse, this Saturday marks Honeybellecakery’s Newcastle Market debut! So here’s to treats, glorious treats! 

Growing Creations by Rushi

Fun fact, green is good. Another fact, not all thumbs are green. This is why some of us just aren’t meant to fill our homes with illustrious exotic plants that we know will see the sad side of the green bin in about a week.

But, to loop back, green is good, and thankfully Growing Creations by Rushi are here to help those of us whose thumbs are a little lacklustre. See for yourself this weekend!

homegrown markets newcastle the station homemade eco conscious

Burn Active

Everyone knows that winter is the best time to work out. There’s less sun and heat, which means fewer moments where you feel like a gross sweaty mess. Given the current climate as well, exercising gives us a get-out-of-the-house-free card.

Exercising has become the excuse to leave the house, not something we avoid anymore, which is why you should treat yourself to some awesome new activewear from Frianki Burn Active. Exercising is a #vibe for everyone now, not just for the 5am crew. 

homegrown markets newcastle the station homemade eco conscious

Fancy Nancy Ceramics

What’s the first thing you notice when you go to someone’s house for a cuppa? The kind of coffee? That little bit too eccentric art print on the wall? No. It’s the mug you’ll be huggin’ and sippin’ on, as you spill the tea.

You’ve got the shelf space, and the hankering to support local, so why not add to, or complete your collection this weekend thanks to Fancy Nancy Ceramics. Mug envy is very much a real thing.

homegrown markets newcastle the station homemade eco conscious


Homegrown’s conditions of entry 

To keep Homegrown Markets #covidsafe and to keep our community safe please adhere to  the following 

- maintain physical distance (1.5m) with others 
- use hand sanitiser regularly 
- stay home & get tested if you’re feeling unwell 
- follow queue instructions & respect individual stallholder guidelines relating to touching products etc 
- wear a face mask (encouraged but not compulsory) 


Remember – if you’re not feeling well, please stay at home! Face masks are encouraged but not compulsory, regular hand sanitising is a must, and remember to respect social distancing rules for each stallholder. Hot tip: afternoons are quieter than the mornings at the markets if you would like to avoid some of the busyness!  

Homegrown Markets is family-friendly, puppy-friendly, and the perfect day out. See you (at a safe distance!) on the weekend...