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In a first-of-its-kind Harris Coffee is offering a million dollar support package for local café owners

Harris is one of Australia’s original coffee roasters. Founded in 1883 by Edgar Harris with a simple mission; deliver quality coffee and tea to the Australian people.

More than a century later Harris understands the importance coffee and cafés play within Australian communities, and right now some of these cafés need a helping hand to survive.

In a first-of-its-kind The Harris Café Recovery Project is an initiative developed for Australian café owners across Australia, with a million-dollar support package being made available to support them in rebuilding from recent hardships, as they return to serving their local community.

Up to 25 cafes will be eligible to receive a share of the million-dollar support package with this initiative being just a part of the step that Harris has taken to help support communities stay intact through this challenging time.

To apply for the Harris Cafés Recovery Project visit

In addition to the launch of The Harris Café Recovery Project, Harris has also launched The Harris Café Report, which studied 1,000 Australian café-goers and small business owners in hospitality, to uncover attitudes towards Australia’s café culture and owners’ fears and hopes in a post-COVID-19 world. Harris has put the call out to Australian café owners who have identified that in order to survive and continue to serve their community they need support to rebuild from recent hardships.

Harris encourages Aussies to get behind their local cafes and show their support via the Harris website.