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Graph Residential

Custom design to suit the client, the block, and their budget

So, you have decided to build your own home. You immediately start fantasising about all the amazing features your new home will have. The list continues to grow until you remember you didn’t win the lotto last week…damn it!

Plan B. Choosing one of those project houses and hoping for the best.

But what if there was a plan C? Which should actually be your plan A when you consider all it’s advantages and benefits.

Graph Residential.

Having started in 1999, Graph is focused on a realistic approach that sits between a fully custom design and a project home. It is essentially a custom design to suit the client, the block, and their budget.

This affordable way of building incorporates that architectural element that everyone wants, whilst working with the builder from start to finish. The builders are even the ones to walk you through the display, rather than a salesman.

Their current display home at Teralba is presented in a realistic fashion with standard finishings throughout, expect for appliances and a few amenities.

There will be no surprises with additional future costs, as Graph is up front with all costings from the beginning as you experience a collaborative design finish.

So no need to be waiting around for that lotto win (although my fingers are still crossed), custom design is now an achievable and realistic option thanks to Graph Residential.

Graph Residential

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