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Sophie Tyler

A Newcastle local, Sophie has established herself as a lifestyle, food and portrait photographer, while working full time as a graphic designer.

1. What is one thing most people don't know about you?

I'm 31 and that seems to surprise a lot of people.

2. What is the biggest misconception people have about photography?

That it only takes a good camera to be a photographer. I truly believe creativity is innate.

3. Where is your go-to for coffee in Newcastle?

Don't do that to me - I'm a major coffee whore. Ok… I love summer mornings drinking cold brew down by the beach at Newcastle Kiosk; I love The Autumn Rooms for all round kick ass Proud Mary coffee, especially their filter; and if I'm ever at Westfield, even if I'm three coffees deep that day, I have to visit Garth at Mister Sister. I work around the corner from Good Bro too, their coffee is nice and strong, so I'm a reg there. Shit, there are so many good places around town. This is why I can't just have one a day.

4. What dog breed best matches your personality?

Hmmm what's a breed that is fiercely loyal, a bit lazy (I have to be tricked into exercise), and a little bit uncoordinated. A Retriever? I probably have more sass than a Retriever though.

5. Name something that you think is missing in Newcastle?

Small bars open past midnight.

6. Where is your next holiday?

Back to Europe or Canada

7. Tell us about your worst photo shoot?

I can't remember a particularly 'bad' shoot but I have turned up to a shoot thinking I had a full battery and a spare when in reality I had 6% left and no spare. Oops.

8. Which city is on the top of your bucket list to go shoot?

Ah so many…Amsterdam or Dubrovnik. But honestly, anywhere the landscape, architecture and culture is vastly different to Australia.

9. Name something you do in your spare time?

Holding down two jobs there isn't a lot of it. But I enjoy hanging out with my dogs and partner Wade with any spare time I can muster.

10. Wine or a cocktail?

I can't have both? Amaretto No.2 (ask Sean or Ryan at Coal & Cedar- you will not regret it) followed by a Malbec please.

11. Do you spend more money on coffee or cocktails?


12. Dine in or takeaway?

Dine in. I'll go out to dinner at least 2-3 times a week. I don't really care for takeaway food.

13. Which two celebrities would you choose to have dinner with?

Charlie Hunnam. That's it, don't need a second. (I may have just binged seven seasons worth of Sons of Anarchy)

14. Photography or Graphic Design?

Can't choose - that's why I do both! My day job is a Graphic Designer at creative agency - Enigma.

15. If your dogs could answer you one question what would you ask?

Why must you eat things you aren't meant to?

16. If you had any super power what would it be?

Time travel.

17. Netflix or a book?

Home - Netflix. Beach - book.

18. What book are you currently reading?

Currently reading the Anthony Kiedis autobiography – Scar Tissue.

19. What's your favourite time of day?

7:30am Saturday morning. At the beach, with my first coffee of the day.

20. What question do you wish I had've asked but haven't? (feel free to then answer it)

Favourite place I've ever shot?
Smith Street Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn. Eli Quinters was working on Wade for a few days when we were over there last March and despite the "no photos" signs everywhere he let me photograph him working. And that was pretty bloody awesome.

Sophie Tyler Photography