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Five reasons you should try a creative workshop this May

Winter is coming, there is definitely a chill in the air but there are still some great reasons to head out as we head into the colder months. With a huge range of creative workshops on offer at Raw celebrations, you’re sure to find something to pique your interest. 

raw celebrations may june workshops king st newcastle

With a diverse range of creativity on offer at the studio, grab a bottle of your fav beverage and your BFFs and let Raw take care of the rest. Whether you want to get your hands dirty in an air-dry clay class or celebrating the human form with a nude life drawing class, you’ll find something to suit you in Raw’s May-June calendar. 

But why trade a night at the pub for a night in the studio? Well, for starters, there is no line-up for the bar at the BYO studio, and being in the heart of Newcastle’s CBD there is nothing stopping you from heading to the pub after you get the good kind of messy at the studio. But beyond the drink’s situation, there are a range of reasons a creative workshop should be top of the to try list this winter. 

raw celebrations may june workshops king st newcastle

It’s a really easy way to practice mindfulness

You’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard of the benefits of practicing mindfulness. Ok, hear us out, there is something really freeing about putting the paintbrush to a blank canvas or getting your hands dirty in some natural clay. Having the ability to just play, and not second guess “messing up” your blank canvas or overthinking what you create. It’s a way to just switch off and really be in the moment, it would be a challenge to not to be mindful throughout one of Raw’s workshops. 

Stress relief 

No matter how many yoga classes you fit into your week, as adults, it’s hard not to carry some form of stress day to day. Like yoga or working out, getting your creative on, allows for some of that stress to be released. Your brain is functioning from both the conscious and unconscious parts at the same time, meaning unconscious emotions are being processed too. Whether you love what you’ve created or plan on gifting it to your Mum (because she has to love it) you are guaranteed to walk away from your art class feeling that little bit lighter. 

raw celebrations may june workshops king st newcastle

Become a more adventurous person!

When you get out of your comfort zone you are training your brain to get comfortable with the uncomfortable! Once you’ve jumped into the deep end with something new, you start to realise that all the reasons your brain tells you not to are usually an overreaction. By regularly trying new things, you are telling your brain you are ok with new challenging things, this leads to you getting more comfortable with new, exciting, and adventurous things, who doesn’t want a little more adventure in their life? 

Drop the perfectionist standards 

It’s common for people to be really hesitant to put their paintbrush to the blank canvas, they will often say something like I don’t want to wreck it and hesitate to get started. It’s hard to remember ever feeling this way as a kid! We were more likely to dive straight in with the paintbrush when we were kids, but as adults, the pressure to be seen as perfect and fear of failing can really cause us to doubt ourselves. Getting comfortable in a creative workshop helps with starting to drop the insane pressure we put on ourselves as adults. 

raw celebrations may june workshops king st newcastle

Feel that real genuine connection 

This one links back into mindfulness. There is something about sitting with people (whether you head to the studio alone or with friends) and really being in the moment, that reminds you of just how good that human connection is. If 2020 taught us anything, it's how much we crave that human connection. There’s no way you can have your phone out when your hands are covered in clay or paint, so you are forced to genuinely connect with those around you. 

So, what can you get booked into?

Paint and Sip 
With everything you need to create a masterpiece, Raw’s professional team of artists guide you step by step through your painting experience. 

raw celebrations may june workshops king st newcastle

Life Drawing 
Raw has been hosting private life drawing workshops in Newcastle for almost 15 years. Book now for one of their first public life drawing workshops coming this June. Come alone or with friends, you’re sure to walk out with a love of charcoal and some drawings you’ll want to plaster all over your Instagram. 

Clay and Rose
One of Raw’s newest workshops involves getting your hands dirty with some natural South Australian air-dry clay. Enjoy the process of creating while you enjoy a beverage at the BYO studio. Whether it’s a pen holder, a wall hanging or a coin bowl, you’re sure to enjoy the process as much as the finished product! 

raw celebrations may june workshops king st newcastle

June will see Raw holding their first public life drawing workshops. Nude model, charcoal, and a glass of your favourite vino, sounds like the perfect kind of Sunday Sesh! 

To check out all of the May-June workshops, and to get booked in, click here!

Still got some Dine & Discover vouchers that need spending? Well, you'll be glad to hear that Raw Celebrations accepts Discover vouchers for all of their workshops before June 30th!