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Coco Skin Laser Health

No matter how much sun you've seen, there is a way to start turning back the clock

Some are born with it, for the rest of us we have to work damn hard to maintain it.

Regardless of which camp you’re in, healthy, beautiful skin is without a doubt the hottest accessory you can have. Good news is that everyone can have it and it’s never too early, or late, to start.

The first step in the, ‘I want to have beautiful skin’ checklist is to have a comprehensive skin care plan in place. This means talking to a professional who knows their stuff when it comes to skin. In Newcastle, this means checking out Coco Skin Laser Health.

Located on the top floor of the Hunter Mall Chambers building, directly opposite the Queens Wharf, not only does Coco Skin Laser Health have some of the most spectacular views of Newcastle, it also happens to be one of Newcastle’s most progressive Laser and Cosmetic Clinics. The interiors are chic, they use the latest technologies and the team bring to Newcastle an intelligent, non-invasive approach to taking care of your skin.

Melissa, one of Coco's experienced Registered Nurses, recommends taking part in a Visia Complexion Analysis as part of your Coco Consultation. Yes, this means you will receive a very honest look at your skin and what is happening below the surface. As confronting as this sounds, and looks, it’s important for several reasons, these being:

- It’s excellent for establishing a baseline, that is you’ll be able to see the progress you’ve made once you start your treatment.
- Perfect for those who love to sun bathe. As beautiful, toned and youthful as your skin may be, the Visia session tells another story, revealing what UV damage has been done to your skin already.
- It’s a great confidence booster for those who have forgotten what their skin looked like before they started treatment with the Visia showing the improvements and how far you’ve come.
- And most interestingly, or honest, being that the Visia Complexion Analysis can calculate the age of your skin by placing a score across eight areas within the surface and subsurface of the skin.

The Visia is a complex little machine so we won’t go into all the technical jargon, however, what we will say is that its ability to capture and record your skin’s history is phenomenal and a sure way to encourage you to be sun safe and use appropriate skin care all year round.

Coco Skin Laser Health

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