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Learn how improving accessibility for all your customers is great for business

Every customer counts and increasing the accessibility of your customer journey, no matter what your budget, will help you avoid turning away customers already on your doorstep, helping you establish your business as an industry leader.

One in five people live with a disability, yet most businesses within the visitor economy do not provide accurate accessibility information or offer accessible service that go beyond basic access requirements. 

With the value of Australian domestic accessible tourism being over $8 Billion pre COVID-19, now is the perfect time to be focusing on this sector and for businesses to tap into this market.

Why is access information about your service so important?

Access means different things to different people. Disabilities range from requiring very high levels of support to ‘unseen disabilities’ that require support in less obvious ways. This means we need to provide information that goes beyond accessible toilets or level access.

How can you change your approach to accessibility within your business?

Have your business featured on the Flare Access Directory...

Hosted by Flare Access Founder, Sarah O'Mara, Sarah's more than 12 years of Access Consulting and Occupational Therapy experience has seen her partnering with Scenic World Blue Mountains, CommBank Stadium, Curtin University, University of Sydney and small businesses alike to assist them create an inclusive culture and accessible customer journey that is great for business.

Sarah is passionate about supporting businesses to break down barriers to accessibility, creating an inclusive society for people with disability, and economic growth for business at the same time.

Flare Access Directory

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