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Who should pay the bill on a first date?

First dates. They can be exciting, nerve racking, boring, fun, awkward…you never really know how a first date is going to pan out.

And who should pay?

Traditionally it was expected that men would pay, but a lot has changed since our parents' generation. So should us ladies be stepping up and offering to pay? Or at the very least splitting the bill?

Are we taking one giant step back in time if we don’t?

I've heard mixed opinions. Some ladies believe that while equality in our pay is still not a reality, men should continue to pay. Others think we should definitely split the bill, we shouldn’t let them think we owe them anything.

Others have said it all depends on if you want to see them again. If you don’t it’s probably best to split the bill as you do with your mates.

Well, Greater Bank has taken these hard-hitting questions straight to the people in an attempt to better understand the dating and relationship habits of Australians when it comes to money and the results might surprise some of you.

Turns out that of the people surveyed only 7% of females pay on a first date, 44% of males pay, and 49% of people split the bill.

Who do you think should pay on a first date?