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Highlite Fitness

Hard to believe? Here's why...

So it's not going to happen sitting at the pub having a schnooer or sipping on a coffee at a café.

You do actually have to slide on the lycra stuff, but, when you do and when it’s with a bunch of your besties it’s proven they help you get fitter and loose weight faster then if you’re flying solo.

Sound too good to be true... not really, it makes sense when you think about it.

ONE. You can push, yell/scream, at one another to go harder & faster. No one wants to be the weakest link.

TWO. It’s way more fun, between the push ups & punches you can have a laugh and get a bit social.

THREE. You’re more likely to turn up. The ‘I’ve got the flu’ excuse ain’t gonna cut it.

FOUR. You can share your weight loss/get fit stories. There'll be high fives all round when you say you've squeezed back into your fav pair of skinny jeans.

FIVE. You won't bitch, moan or groan about how much it hurts when you're training with your mates. Nobody likes a whiner! 

With all groups though, there needs to be a leader, someone to keep it from getting too social.

That's where Mark from Highlite Fitness comes in, he's taken the whole getting fit thing to another level. Using the super smart Polar Club Heart Rate Technology, both in & outdoors, Mark and the Highlite team are teaching people to train smart, and have fun at the same time.

If you like it outdoors Empire Park is the place either mornings (6am) and/or afternoons (5:30pm). Packed full of high intensity, resistance training and cardio, your hearts going to be pumping and your face sweating!

For those who prefer it indoors and a bit techy the Darby St location is the address. The sleek black interior, with pops of yellow, strip away that sterile gym feel. Instead an intelligent fitness studio that keeps track of every second of your training session.

To go with the sleek fitout is the state-of-the-art equipment, like the TrueForm Runners, the first of their kind in Australia. These machines are missing the motor which increases the running intensity and challenge every muscle in your body.