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Hello Beautiful by Bec

Treat your dog, treat yourself

Newcastle has gone to the dogs, and I am loving it.

Hounds, pooches, mutts, canines, puppers, doggos, fur babies. No matter what you call them, there is no doubt that dogs have a special place in the hearts of many, particularly us Novocastrians. I proudly wear the title of crazy dog lady and have turned my passion into my business, offering walks, stays, feeds and plays for your furry friends.

Dogs give us so much whilst asking for so little, so I think it’s time we give them more. Here is your ultimate guide for where to go and what to do in Newcastle to ensure you and your four-legged friends have the best ever doggie day out.

Beach Times

Horseshoe Beach is a must for dog lovers and a great way to start the day. A beach where dogs can frolic in the sea, dig in the sand, and smell the butts of other mutts to their heart's content. I can easily spend hours here watching the interactions between all the beautiful dogs. If you’re lucky, you may also spot an unsuspecting tourist trying to sunbake without getting peed on or jumped all over by the excited doggos. Well worth the visit for this possibility alone.

Honourable Mention – Redhead Beach – provides a large stretch of coastline that is off-leash and perfect for active dogs and those that require a bit more space.

Caffeine and Canines

After all the energy exerted at the beach, a caffeine hit is what you’ll need next. Newcastle has many dog-friendly cafes where you can sip your latte whilst your furry friend lounges at your side. My top pick is Café Inu in Carrington. The only thing better than a dog-friendly café is one that also has its own dog in residence AND whose café name literally means ‘dog’ in Japanese. Bear, the three-legged staffy, acts as the official welcoming party at Café Inu. The only downside? Trying to obey the signs that ask customers to refrain from ‘feeding the Bear’.

Honourable Mention - Praise Joe, Tighes Hill - To be honest, sometimes I drive past this café just to check out the dog clientele lazing on the sidewalk. The only thing that is better than the menu at Praise Joe is the potential for canine cuddles.

Walk This Way

Now that you are caffeinated, it’s time to stretch those legs at King Edward Park. Meander through the park that features beautiful garden beds, lush green grass, and breathtaking ocean views. Plus, if your dog is a little more energetic than you, sit back whilst they run up and down the grassy slopes.

Honourable Mention  Fernleigh Track, Adamstown to Belmont – perfect for a long walk through beautiful bushland, particularly on weekdays when the crowds are smaller, and the lycra-clad cyclists are kept to a minimum.

Wine and Tail Wags

Looking to unwind with a beverage or two but don’t want your dog to miss out on all the fun? Head to the Maryville Tavern where you and your pooch can relax in the beer garden. Who knows, you might even go home with a meat tray to share.

Honourable Mention  Customs House Hotel, Newcastle - Just a short walk from Horseshoe Beach, the Customs House beer garden is the perfect location if you want to skip the caffeine and go straight for something stronger. Comfy couches, ample seating, sunshine, and ciders makes this a stellar watering hole.

By now, you and your best friend should be ready to call it a day. Head home, settle in on the couch, stare lovingly into your dog’s eyes and wonder what you did to deserve such a beautiful best friend.

And remember, if you’re too busy for your own doggie day out, simply get in touch to book your pooch in for a walk, stay, feed or play with Hello Beautiful by Bec.

For more dog friendly venues check out our list here.

Hello Beautiful by Bec