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cstudios Art Gallery

Check out an inspiring art gallery in the West End of Newcastle

cstudios Art Gallery, at 738 Hunter St, has had quite the colourful history, and at times quite the colourful exterior.

You may remember it as The Bellevue Hotel and dropping in as a young lad for a beer, or perhaps the memorable blue and red stripped days of The Knights Tavern. You may be too young to remember either and know it only as that construction site in the West End. Whatever your memories may be, taking a wander through this stunning building today there is a completely new fresh energy, which has brought her back to life.

In February of 2014 the doors opened again to this iconic Newcastle building, with Jo Chisholm-Ray, together with some help from friends and family, worked tirelessly to bring some soul back into this grand old dame. Whilst the memories and stories will live on what you now see, and feel, as you enter cstudios is a completely transformed, light soaked space, filled with inspiration and stunning pieces of art.

Jo says that from the moment she walked into the building she just knew it was the right place. It wasn’t just the building itself and the history that was attached to it, but the diverse and interesting group of people that surround it.

Jo was also taken by the particularly large wall spaces, perfect for displaying big works of art. The clean crisp space allows guests to focus on the art with the minimal décor not interfering with the integrity of the works.

Jo’s hard work can be seen in the large body of work that adorns the walls and gallery space with the diverse collection largely consisting of Newcastle based artists, a reflection of the thriving artistic scene amongst the local community. For Jo, an artist herself, the idea for cstudios was quite simply all about bringing people into the gallery and providing them with a nice experience, whilst also building the confidence of local artists by giving them a space to showcase their work.

Whether your are an emerging artist, an art lover, or someone just looking for something different to do on the weekend, cstudios Art Gallery will evoke your emotions and imagination. Drop in and say Hi to Jo next time your driving by.

cstudios Art Gallery

738 Hunter Street, Newcastle West, 2302

Today - 1000 - 1500