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Electric Share Bikes in Newcastle

Why sit in traffic when you can zoom across the city on an electric share bike?

If you’ve ventured into town lately, you’re bound to have seen these bike docks situated across the city. So, what are they?

The first Australian automated bike hire system, BYKKO, offers innovative electric bike-sharing systems. Partnering with Transport for NSW, the electric bike sharing system officially launched recently with 156 bikes and docking stations sectioned across the city.

Check out the BYKKO NEWCASTLE map below

If you’re living and working in the city, or just want an excuse to see Newcastle in a different light, you can hire one of BYKKO’S electric bikes on a one-off basis or subscribe to a weekly or monthly membership.

The team here at HUNTERhunter decided to take these babies for a spin, so we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled our BYKKO itinerary to make sure you see the best of our iconic Newcastle.

START – Telford Street, Newcastle East

Right across from Newcastle Beach, is where you’ll find a 12 bike station, and it's where our BYKKO journey started.

Now, personally, I have never used an electric bike before, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect… take a note out of my book; these things have power!

It also might be worth mentioning, that if you’re a bit on the ‘not-so-fit’ side, I can guarantee you will hardly break a sweat; these things make cycling up a steep hill look like a walk in the park.

STOP 1 – King Edward Park

After a quick photo op at Newcastle Beach, we let the bikes do all the hard yards to the top of Watt Street where we did a bit of whale watching before circling our way through the scenic King Edward Park.

STOP 2 – Bar Beach

Once we reached the top of Anzac Parade, we powered on down the twists and turns of Memorial Drive before coming to a halt at the bottom of Bar Beach car park for another photo op... Still no whales!

STOP 3 – Merewether Beach & Blue Door Kiosk

We got a bit adventurous at this end of town and were really enjoying the ease of riding (a.k.a letting the bike do it for us) and ventured down to Blue Door Kiosk for a quick coffee fix.

STOP 4 – Darby Street

Is any exploring around Newcastle really done properly without a visit to the brilliant Darby Street? Stopping out the front of Blooms on Darby for another photo op, and giving the Goldbergs mural a visit, we locked up our bikes and wandered down Darby Street for a spot of shopping.

FINISH – Customs House

Finishing off our morning ride at the iconic Customs House across from the Harbour; the docking was easy, and we weren’t even tired from a three-hour ride across Newcastle city. If you’re living and working in the city and want to avoid traffic or those hefty parking prices, Bykko has you sorted with docking stations scattered across the city; reaching all the way out to Bar Beach.

If you’re passionate about sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint, get on your bike and give BYKKO a go.

How do you give it a go you ask? The process is simple…

  1. Register
  2. Select a station
  3. Hire a bike, which includes a helmet
  4. Return the bike