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A dynamic and high-energy team-training gym has launched in Cardiff

Wests Cardiff is set to become a hub for all your dining, craft beer, entertainment and now health and wellness needs with Bnkr Co, a high energy functional group fitness space opening on Tuesday 3rd October, 2023. 

bnkr wests cardiff

Situated on the lower ground at the Club’s entrance, Bnkr brings a high energy team-training environment that is designed to both push and support you in your training goals. 

The Group Health and Fitness Manager, Will Proctor is a pro of the industry. Building a career around health and wellness, Will brings more than 24 years of experience, enthusiasm and his simple ethos to Bnkr, that being to train for wellness, as Will explains.

bnkr wests cardiff

“We should always ask ourselves how can we keep my body moving fluidly, what do we actually need right now from my training, which is why we’ve included so much variation in each of the Bnkr zones.” 

Those zones Will refers to is where all the work is done. Illuminated with vibrant colours, which helps brighten the dark space, each zone has been designed to combine the basic principles of exercise, with the purpose being to create a personal training environment in a team training setting. 

bnkr co wests cardiff

“We make sure each session includes four base exercises, which is so important as they focus on stability and core activation of muscles to support full body movement. We teach people how to use their stabliser muscles, how to engage them and power them up.”

bnkr wests cardiff

Each zone features state of the art equipment and each session has been developed to suit each person's movement needs, whether you’re an 18 year old with energy to burn, or in your 40’s, 50 or 60’s and wanting to get movement back in those tight muscles.

“Bnkr isn’t just for the really fit, each set has been designed in a way that allows people to grow, more importantly, how to put one foot in front of the other when it comes to their exercise goals.”

Bnkr’s three class types cover all areas of the body from Power Up which is all about the upper body, Bnkr Down is a high-energy leg session and Fit Fusion is a full body workout. The interval style cardio sessions run for 42 minutes and with two coaches the focus is on technique and teaching you how to exercise properly.

bnkr wests cardiff

The predominantly interval style cardio sessions run for 42 minutes and include two coaches who are on hand to help you focus on your technique and teach you how to exercise properly, as Will explains,

“Part of the training service is about watching body language and listening to their breathing and what they’re saying, from there it’s about support, and growth because we want to see people move forward with their fitness goals.”

The 7 training zones feature the H2O water bags, which are designed to cushion the wrist and elbow joints. In addition to the bags, rowing machines, Skiergs, the Torseantor and weight boxes offer a high-energy cardio and resistance training that caters to individual fitness levels.

bnkr cardiff wests

One of the features of Bnkr is the NOHRD WallBars. Working specifically with bodyweight and band training the WallBar and Pilates bed are all about strengthening your core and helping to correct your posture.

With classes running both morning and afternoon Monday to Saturday, Bnkr offers an inclusive and dynamic way to either kick start or ramp up your training regime.  

As a launch special, Bnkr invite you to join by September 30 and receive your October membership for FREE, plus 50% off the month of November. Join Now.