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Bella Face Cosmetic & Skin Clinic

The iconic Newcastle clinic brings a fresh approach to locals

The trend of enhancing natural beauty through cosmetic treatments has been on the rise across Newcastle and beyond over the past few years, but one local clinic has been bringing their unparalleled knowledge and experience to the people of Newcastle since 2003.

bella face cosmetic skin clinic the junction

Now located in Junction Fair, Bella Face Cosmetic and Skin Clinic has been serving the general public with their range of treatments since its inception in 2003, but with adopted local, Dr Nici Williams taking over the business in 2020, the brand has had quite the makeover itself.

Originally from South Africa, Nici has had quite the life experience! From growing up in Johannesburg, moving to the United Kingdom and gaining her Bachelor and Master of International Relations in Scotland, travelling the world, working in a Kenyan Refugee Camp, followed by some time working for an NGO in South Africa looking after orphans of HIV/AIDS, before finally making the move to Sydney with her partner, NAME, to pursue a career in medicine.

bella face cosmetic and skin clinic the junction newcastle
“Throughout my training, from doing plastic surgery rotation fairly early on, and then subsequent years practicing as a GP, I was always drawn to skin; skin cancer medicine, but also to aesthetics,” Nici explained.

It was a family holiday to Newcastle in 2019, alongside her ongoing professional relationship with original Bella Face owner, Dr. Anoop Rastogi that planted the seed of the skin enthusiast to set up life here in Newcastle.

“We just came on a 10-day family holiday, and we just loved it. We were sitting on Merewether Beach, and I said to my husband this place is pretty special. So, we spent the rest of the holiday going to real estate agents and finding a school for the kids and we made up our minds! It was a pretty easy decision really.”

Officially moving and taking over the business right in the midst of our first lockdowns in March last year, Bella Face continued to bring their clients incredible treatments and services at their honeysuckle location before launching their brand-new clinic in The Junction earlier this year in May.

bella face cosmetic and skin clinic the junction newcastle
“Dr. Rastogi and I have a fantastic relationship; he is my mentor! He started Bella Face back in 2003 when it was originally in the East Point Tower before they moved to Honeysuckle in 2017. When I took it over, I knew I wanted to bring it back to The Junction. I just love this area, this community, and this vibe.”

The new space is tucked away amongst The Junction Village businesses on Kenrick St. Take one step inside and you’ll be welcomed with a friendly face, a cosy environment and above all, a nurturing vibe.

With a passion for debunking common misconceptions in the industry, Dr. Nici Williams pairs her medical background with her passion for aesthetics to deliver quality advice, education, treatments plans, and of course, results for each and every one of her patients.

Offering free consultations, Nici encourages clients to book a time to sit down and chat about their expectations, available options, and to create a no-obligation personalised treatment plan.

bella face cosmetic and skin clinic the junction newcastle

“After a facial assessment and discussion, we can formulate a treatment plan together, often entailing multiple small treatments over time, to give the most natural and best results possible. The best treatments are when nobody can really tell you’ve had anything done, so by doing it in small steps, with less always being more, we can achieve it with limited downtime and by everyone just noticing a rested rejuvenated you!”

Treatments available at Bella Face Cosmetic & Skin Clinic include anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, skin boosters, micro-needling facial, cosmetic tattooing, skin cancer checks, HCG weight loss, migraine & chronic headache prevention, hyperhidrosis treatment, and prescription-only skincare products by Universkin.

bella face cosmetic and skin clinic the junction newcastle

“My passion for aesthetics is that it’s done naturally and beautifully. I think there is so much out there that is overdone. For me, it’s all about education and I really want that education out there. As a doctor in this fairly unregulated industry, that’s really important. I love the education side of things and I love talking to people about their skin.”

bella face cosmetic and skin clinic the junction newcastle

With their incredible almost 20-year reputation in Newcastle, Bella Face has become an institution and overall respectable cosmetic clinic. Since Nici taking over, the business has been elevated to continue to bring their client base unparalleled treatments and the ultimate skin journey and experience.

“I absolutely love my job. I love coming in here every day and spending time here. You have all these big dreams, but I am still going to be appreciated every day what we have created here. In terms of plans, we would love to grow. We’re fully booked for the next few weeks, so we definitely have that room to expand.”

Nici’s energy is infectious, once you’ve visited The Junction-based clinic and met with Nici you’ll be hooked with the wonderful vibe that is a testament to her and her incredible team. Whether you’re after a little beauty enhancement, need a skin check, or want to treat yourself, book on into Bella Face Cosmetic & Skin clinic and experience this local businesses unique offering.

Bella Face Cosmetic & Skin Clinic

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