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Have you visited this Newcastle Barre Studio?

Back in November last year, Newcastle West landed itself a brand-new fitness studio and it has been taking the local industry by storm with its refined approach to working out. Meet, Barre Effect.

With Wollongong-born classically trained ballet dancer, Kristin Scott at the helm, Barre Effect has become a go-to venue for those looking to expand on their fitness journey in a unique, fun, and challenging way.

barre effect fitness studio kristin scott newcastle

Growing up dance was a huge part of Kristin's life, from full-time Classical Ballet and Contemporary training, stints on Australian TV shows like Dance Academy, The Voice, and X-Factor, travelling the world as a dancer for Royal Caribbean, national Physical Culture champion, High School Dance Teacher, to now owning her very own Barre studio; Kristin truly has done it all.

barre effect fitness studio kristin scott newcastle

“There has always been a part of me that wanted to do something on the side like Pilates or Barre instructing, but it wasn’t until I moved to Newcastle that I was between jobs and had the time to take on the extra load of study. I am so glad I did it because teaching Barre is something that combines two of my greatest passions; dance and fitness,” Kristin shared.

After moving to Newcastle in 2019 and quickly falling in love with our laid-back coastal lifestyle and being recently introduced to the dance workout, it wasn’t long before the seed was planted. 

barre effect fitness studio kristin scott newcastle

“Boutique fitness studios are popular in bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne, but I noticed when I moved to Newcastle there were fairly limited options when it came to Barre studios. There is just something special about the smaller, more intimate class sizes, where the experience is personalised and there is that sense of community.

“I knew there were more people out there that would love Barre just as much as I did, and I wanted to create that space for the people of Newcastle.”

barre effect fitness studio kristin scott newcastle

Come January 2020, the idea for Barre Effect really started forming and the cogs were in motion. From completing all the training, finding a space, developing the brand, and creating a bespoke offering, clients were finally able to see what Kristin had been up to come November 2020.

“I have met so many beautiful people that have become regulars at the studio. It’s such a supportive and welcoming community that I am really proud of, and I can’t wait to continue to watch it grow.”

barre effect fitness studio kristin scott newcastle

For those of you new to the concept of Barre, or have literally no clue what to expect, Kristin explains…

“Barre is a dance-inspired total body workout. It is a fusion of Ballet conditioning exercises, Pilates, and yoga to help strengthen, lengthen, and tone the body. It’s fun but challenging and highly accessible; you don’t need to have any prior experience in Dance to be able to participate in our classes.

“They are designed so no matter what your fitness level or goals are, the exercises can be modified to suit your individual needs. It is female-dominated but males are always welcome in the studio!”

barre effect fitness studio kristin scott newcastle

Barre Effect currently has a broad range of class styles, focussing on different areas of fitness with a range of benefits. The signature class, BE Strong, is a strength-based class focussing on form, alignment, and control and has become the studio's most popular.

BE Limber is focusing on slowing it down with more mindful movements. Combining strength and flexibility exercises before finishing with breathing and meditation that will make feel completely rejuvenated.

barre effect fitness studio kristin scott newcastle

BE Fit is designed for the cardio lovers. Integrating higher intensity exercises into the choreography to really bring your heart rate up. BE Fit is great for those wanting to work up a sweat and those who thrive on a post-workout endorphin rush.

Kristin has also just recently launched a BE Teens class that has been specially designed for the younger demographic to enhance their overall strength, flexibility, and balance.

barre effect fitness studio kristin scott newcastle

“All classes use small props to either add support or challenge to the exercises. Team this up with our upbeat signature playlists and you have yourself a really dynamic and fun workout that goes for 45-50 minutes. We look after our clients by always facilitating a relaxing cool-down that will have you feeling really balanced.”

The Newcastle West-based studio offers a range of membership options that caters to all lifestyles. Whether you’re after a casual drop-in class or want to make Barre your go-to weekly workout, Barre Effect can sort you out.

barre effect fitness studio kristin scott newcastle

For those wanting to get straight into it, you’ll be excited to hear that Barre Effect is launching their very first BE Your Best Challenge coming up this winter. The four-week challenge kicks off on the 29th of May and will be focused on challenging both your fitness and wellbeing. For more info, email

Whether you’re a seasoned Barre pro or completely new to the dance-inspired workout, Kristin and her team at Barre Effect are there to help you BE the best you.