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You might be eligible for a scholarship!

It has been a life changing experience I would say, all the opportunities and mostly just getting to know the most amazing group of people. It’s completely changed my university journey.

The University of Newcastle has taken the arduous task out of scrolling through more than 100+ scholarship opportunities with their new Scholarships Portal. The new system has simplified the scholarship application process for students who have applied to study at the University of Newcastle.

Students simply register on the portal, complete their profile and upload documentation. Based on the information provided, the system is able to provide a list of eligible scholarships for students to select and be considered for. Scholarships range from $500 right through to $75,000 and provide students not only with financial support but countless life-changing experiences.

One of the more unique scholarships on offer at the University of Newcastle is the Ma & Morley Scholarship. Created to honour the friendship between Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma and respected Novocastrian Ken Morley, the scholarship aims to inspire and educate the next generation of globally aware and socially conscious Australian leaders.

First year student Jasmine Stuart is studying a Bachelor of Renewable Energy Engineering and is one of the 2019 Ma & Morley Scholarship recipients. Jasmine took some time out to chat to us about her degree and what this particular scholarship has meant to her studying experience so far.

Thanks for meeting with us Jasmine. You were one of 30 students in 2019 to receive the Ma & Morley Scholarship, how has the Scholarship helped you with your studies so far?

The first event for the Scholarship was in February of this year, before uni started, which enabled me to start uni having already met an incredible group of people. That gave me a real confidence boost and was a really valuable part of the Scholarship early on for me.

Each month there are different events and the highlight was the trip to China to connect with the roots of the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program. We visited Shanghai and Hangzhou, which is where Jack Ma first met Ken Morley. We also had the opportunity to spend some time with Jack Ma on the trip, he is a very busy man so we were incredibly lucky.

There is the monetary aspect, with the idea of the scholarship allowing us to focus more time on creating change and becoming leaders in the areas we’re passionate about. The financial support has been secondary for me to all the incredible opportunities I’ve had and being able to connect with a group of people who are as equally passionate about the same things that I am.

You sound like you absolutely love it

It has been a life changing experience I would say, all the opportunities and mostly just getting to know the most amazing group of people. It’s completely changed my university journey.

How did you find out about the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program initially?

It was from a couple of different places, a teacher at school mentioned it, but it was my School’s Visit Day to the Uni and someone from the previous year’s Scholarship spoke about it. It sounded like everything I cared about and from there I did some research on the website and applied.

Was it a difficult application process?

When I first read the information about the scholarship I really didn’t think I would have a chance, it sounded like such an incredible opportunity, but really the scholarship is for regular people who just care about the core values of the Scholarship.

I wrote one page about what I have done to create change in my community and what I thought it meant to be a globally aware and conscious leader. Then I was contacted about an interview. It was a positive experience.

You’re in your first year of studying a Bachelor of Renewable Energy Engineering, what was it about this degree that interested you?

I was definitely attracted by the environmental side of the course, it’s something I have been really passionate about since quite a young age. The thing about renewables for me is it’s so much about solving the challenges of the future and developing new and exciting technologies rather than dwelling on what’s been damaged.

It’s the first year that this degree has been offered and I knew it’s what I had to do as it brings together my skills and what I am passionate about.

Where do you think your interest in the environment has originated from?

My parents have been very involved in groups like Transition Newcastle and my mum runs Upcycle Newcastle, so I think it was just growing up with it and hearing so much about our planet and the challenges we’re facing. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Career wise do you have your sights set on anything in particular?

I am not sure at this stage, renewable energy is such a wildly changing industry, by the time I graduate in 3 years’ time there’s going to be new technologies and opportunities that we don’t even know about now. That’s another great thing about the Scholarship, you go to uni and learn all the technical aspects through your degree and then go to the Ma & Morley sessions and learn about the social implications, hear from other people with different perspectives, and how a situation fits into a global setting with wider reaching impacts.

What does the year ahead look like for you in the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program?

There are four stages to the Scholarship, the first year has been about connecting with the other Scholars, the Program’s values and the roots of the Scholarship. In 2020 it’s about gaining more leadership skills which is really valuable if you’re wanting to create change.

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