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Artalicious Studios

A creative space in Mayfield West and they're whipping up workshops for us to enjoy.

A new local creative space has popped up in Mayfield West! Artalicious Studios officially opened their doors in early June 2019 and have been whipping up workshops for us to enjoy; and enjoy them we have!

Artalicious Studios

The lady behind Artalicious Studios, Effie Barr has such an infectious bubbly personality with an entire lifetime of experience in the creative arts industry. She’s been a practicing artist for almost 20 years, even selling her work as early as the age of 16!

With her art background kicking off in her late teens, Effie was creating photorealism pieces in graphite before going on to study Fine Arts as well as studying Art Education; making her the perfect teacher.

Following her fine arts studies, Effie branched out into other mediums and developed a love for oil painting. Which saw her artistic focus shift, and a love for experimenting with abstract styles and on-trend techniques and mediums grow.

Artalicious Studios

“For me, I can’t not create. If I don’t, I can’t function properly. It’s something I’m just so passionate about and through this, I’ve been able to share and ignite that same passion in other people,” Effie told me.

Originally from Sydney, Effie and her family moved to Newcastle three years ago where she continued teaching art classes, but where the seed for opening her own space started to grow.

“Newcastle has been so welcoming. It has such a wonderful sense of community, and in terms of raising kids it’s just perfect. Also, the creative art scene here is just huge.”

The studio’s stunning space is located off the beaten track in a hidden unit out in the industrial area of Mayfield West.

“Our beautiful, inspiring and spacious studio evokes a welcome feeling where one can come alone or with friends or colleagues and spend a few hours with inspiring creatives learning or refining new skills. With our expertise and guidance, we can help you unleash your inner creativity and discover your full artistic capabilities.”

Effie's Mayfield West Studio Workshop
Effie's Mayfield West Studio Workshop

Effie’s passion for art is so clear, even when you’re listening to her demo at the start of the workshop. Not to mention her ‘thrown together’ demo resin piece was utterly majestic!

The studio offers a wide range of classes, suitable for beginners all the way through to advanced. Currently offering the following resin workshops; jewellery, wall art, and homewares. As well as an acrylic pouring class and an alcohol inks workshop. Keep an eye out on their socials though, because Effie has plans to change up their offerings on the regular.

“The resin jewellery has been a really popular workshop. I think because it’s one of our shorter classes, we do it for a lot of parties as well and you get to take everything you’ve made home with you on the day. You literally get to wear your pieces home.”

Now, the studio doesn’t offer the same-same typical class content. Whilst the creative side still sits at the core of your time, each and every workshop encourages guests to take some time to indulge. Sit back and relax, enjoying the above and beyond catered lunch (or dinner depending on the time of your class).

Artalicious Studios

Think high-tea set-up, with tiers of scrumptious sandwiches, cakes, and tarts. Wash it all down with a glass of bubbles or a pot of tea. Take some time out of your work to reflect on what you’ve done thus far, plus get to know the group you’re creating with as well as chatting to the owner, Effie.

“I think it’s just the perfectionist in me. I want every detail catered to. You know, you’re here for four-plus hours. You are here for a really long time, so it’s important that you get to sit down and make a day of it. Treat yourself and make it that little bit more indulgent.”

Enjoy a High Tea at the end
Enjoy a High Tea at the end

So, head along on your own, or bring a friend (or three) and join Artalicious for a fun-filled workshop and get to take home your one-of-a-kind creative masterpiece.