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10 things to expect

If you’re planning on visiting a Naturopath for the first time, there’s absolutely nothing to be nervous about. To calm those nerves, here are my top ten takeaway tips for those first visiting.

If you’ve ever considered visiting a Naturopath, but aren’t quite sure whether it’s right for you, or what to really expect on an initial consult, well, Mullen Natural Health in Hamilton should be your first point of call. 

Whilst trying something new can be somewhat nervewracking, there’s absolutely nothing to be nervous about! It’s always helpful to get a bit of insight when it comes to trying something new, so here are our top 10 takeaway tips for those of you taking your very first trip to a Naturopath.

1. Be prepared

So, you’ve booked your appointment? That’s awesome! Prior to your appointment, you’ll be emailed a health questionnaire for you to fill in before your consultation.

Maybe you're feeling tired, irritable, anxious or depressed, having difficulty losing weight, suffer from bloating and gas or feel like your hormones are all over the shop, and yet, you have been everywhere, have had every blood test under the sun and yet still no one can tell you what's going on or how to fix your health concerns?

Naturopathy is unique in that they take a holistic approach, and at Mullen Health they specialise in determining the underlying causes not just treating the symptoms. And importantly what you need to be doing to not only become well, but stay well. Remembering that prevention when it comes to health is so much more powerful than cure. 

2. It’s a super welcoming environment

It’s appointment day! With that first step through the door, you’re instantly welcomed with big friendly smiles from both Mullen Health staff members and fellow clients. The mood of the reception is quiet, calming and relaxed.

Your naturopath, in my case it was Peter Mullen himself, will come out to greet you personally before taking you into your private consultation room.

3. Let's talk lifestyle

To kick things off, you’ll have a detailed chat with your practitioner about where your lifestyle is at currently. Your naturopath will get a real understanding of your current goals, lifestyle, diet and health history.

It's a great starting point for understanding your current health status and will be used as a guide for developing your treatment plan.

4. It’s testing time

You will undergo some testing to get an even better understanding of your overall health and wellbeing. Including an iridology assessment, pH test, zinc level test and a toxicity test. Note, all testing is free and included in your initial consultation. 

Iridology Assessment
Did you know your eyes tell a lot about your current state of health? The Naturopaths at Mullen Natural Health use iridology to determine how you tend to get sick, inherited strengths and potential weaknesses, and the emotional and behavioural triggers that may contribute to these problems. All from just looking at the patterns, colours and characteristics of your eye.

My iridology assessment hit the nail on the head. It picked up the health concerns of my family history and even picked up my own personal food intolerances and even personality traits. 

pH Test
Used to measure the acid/alkaline balance of your system using a urine sample. Most degenerative diseases including heart disease, arthritis and osteoporosis are associated with excess acidity in the body. The best part? These imbalances can be rectified using diet and natural medicines.

Zinc Levels Test
A simple taste test is used to determine the level of zine in your body. But what does low zinc mean? A low zinc level can be associated with poor absorption of vitamins and minerals, eating disorders, food sensitivities and allergies, depression and more.

Toxicity Test
Lucky last, you will have your overall health tested at a cellular level by measuring your weight, body fat, muscle mass, cell health and energy potential, level of potential inflammation and toxicity and you will even get an estimate of your bodies’ biological age.

5. Get your individualised treatment plan

Following your testing, your practitioner will talk you through your results and develop a treatment plan based on your symptoms and goals.

6. Herbal prescriptions

If needed, your practitioner might prescribe a range of herbal medicines and supplements specific to your health concerns. The Herb Bar is full of all the natural goodies to help get you back to your best self. When purchasing herbs and supplements at Mullen Natural Health, you are doing so knowing they are of practitioner strength and of the highest quality. 

7. Set goals

You won’t leave feeling overwhelmed with information and things to do, your practitioner will work alongside your needs to develop goals that are simple and achievable to help you regain your health, happiness and vitality.

8. Ongoing support

Once you leave the buildings’ doors, you won’t be on your own. With ongoing coaching and support every step of the way, your naturopath will help, guide, teach and support you in all areas of your health and wellbeing.

9. Access to natural therapies, medicines and supplements

Never run out of your natural medicines with Mullen’s six days a week operating hours and their fully stocked Herb Bar. Or if you’re pushed for time, order through the online shop here. Remember, buying herbs and/or supplements at Mullen Natural Health, you're guaranteed practitioner strength and high quality products. 

10. Enjoy long-term benefits

Everyone can benefit from seeing a Naturopath, whether you are interested in treatment for a pre-existing condition or staying well and enjoying the long-term benfits of that, a Naturopath can help. Whether you've been experiencing poor health for long period of time, or after some help regarding a recent health matter, Peter Mullen and the team at Mullen Natural Health specialise in giving accurate health assessments to clients. 

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