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Boost your business by joining the Amplify Access & Achieve Purposeful Profit Program

Amplify Access and Achieve Purposeful Profit, in partnership with City of Newcastle NewSkills Program, is an online 90-day program for customer-focused businesses who want to boost revenue by incorporating inclusive practices for people with disability - no matter what your starting point or budget is.

Speaking with program coordinator Sarah O'Mara, Sarah explained how a program such as this can be beneficial to small businesses,

This is a huge opportunity for businesses to open their doors to the disability market. With the value of Australian domestic accessible tourism being over $8 Billion pre COVID-19, now is the perfect time to be focusing on this sector and for businesses to tap into this market as part of their pandemic recovery.

What can you expect to learn throughout the program?

The 3 month program is designed to help business owner/operators increase the access and inclusion of their service for people with disabilities so they can:

  1. Reduce barriers for people with access needs who want to engage with their services
  2. Attract new customers
  3. Retain existing customers
  4. Increase cash flow
  5. Stand apart from the competition
  6. Become industry leaders
  7. Support their pandemic recovery

Suitable for both online and/or face to face operations, throughout the program businesses will have the opportunity to work with a consultant to solve particular access issues within their business premises and for their customer journey.

No matter what level of access your business currently has offered (or what your budget is), Sarah will assist you to develop the skills and solutions to increase the accessibility of their customer journey, create an inclusive culture and implement low-cost, high impact solutions.

Amplify Access & Achieve Purposeful Profit Program

Contact: Sarah O'Mara
Program Start Date: TBC
To find out more about the program or to register click here
For more information visit Flare Access