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Wests Cruise Vacays Nov 2019
Wests Cruise Vacays Nov 2019

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Sharks, Nudibranks, seals and swim throughs. It’s all happening under the water at Nelson Bay.

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No matter what time of year, it’s a good time to go diving!
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If you’ve ever thought about going diving, and discovering what lies beneath, you’ve more than likely considered jumping on a plane and heading north to the Great Barrier Reef. What you may not have considered is taking a much shorter trip to Port Stephen’s Nelsons Bay, and discovering the area’s underwater wonderland. Sitting just 14 km’s nor-east of Nelson Bay’s d’Albora Marina, out of sight from those on the shore, Broughton Island largely goes unnoticed by passers-by. It has, however, become a must stop for dive enthusiasts from all over the world.

Lets Go Adventures Port Stephens diving | HUNTERhunyer

Hunter Hunter discovers that just a 40min to an hour boat ride from d’Albora Marina can become a wildlife enthusiast’s dream with dolphin, whale and seal spotting not uncommon. After gearing up and jumping into the deep blue you drop down to experience Broughton’s most spectacular dive site, the Looking Glass. 16 metres below the surface you enter the Looking Glass via a narrow channel from the southern end of the island. Large boulders decorate the outside entrance to the swim- through when at certain times of the year this space is filled with mating Port Jackson sharks. Once inside the fish life explodes with blue groper, red morwong, bullseye and bream just to name a few.

Lets Go Adventures Port Stephens diving | HUNTERhunyer

The Looking Glass has also become the hang out, and breeding ground, of grey nurse sharks where, at certain times of year, up to 20 or more can be seen lazily patrolling the swim-through. The sheer walls of the Looking Glass are covered with baitfish, small sponges and, for a lucky few, even large Eagle Rays can be spotted.

For those who prefer to keep closer to shore there are a number of dive sites that are equally impressive. Emma from Let’s Go Diving describes how Halifax, Fly Point and the Pipe Line provide all the underwater eye candy you would normally expect to see in tropical waters. Pipe Line is notorious for its colourful critters, seahorses, nudibranks and cowrys, with some species of nudibranks normally only seen Indonesian waters. Somehow these tiny little critters have caught onto the Eastern Australian current and, thankfully for us, have decided to stop on by for a while. It's all very "Finding Nemo".

Lets Go Adventures Port Stephens diving | HUNTERhunyer

Any diver familiar to the area will emphatically agree on how lucky we are to have such diversity in our own backyard. No matter what time of year, it’s a good time to go diving!

Lets Go Adventures Port Stephens diving | HUNTERhunyer

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