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Inkling Design's Mural at Westfield Kotara

We chat to Inga about her latest artwork

Inkling Design's Mural at Westfield Kotara Image

This week Westfield Kotara unveiled a HUGE new mural by local illustrator, Inga Campbell aka Inkling Design in the fashion mall. Stretching over two huge 10 by 4 metre canvases, these works are simply gorgeous, featuring Inga's signature feminine illustration style against a European backdrop. We sat down with Inga and chatted about her latest works.


Is this the largest piece of work you have created to date?
Most definitely, it’s very exciting!

When did you discover your love of illustrating and when did you come to the realisation that you were really good at it?

I have been drawing since I was a child. I think having a father who is an artist and mother who really appreciated art may have had a hand to play in this. They constantly took me to galleries and I was surrounded by art in our home (the majority being my dad’s).
I studied graphic design at Newcastle uni and illustration was always my strong point, I think the real realisation that this was my calling was when my work began to be published and I started to be commissioned to do pieces.


What drew you into the creative industry from career perspective?
The arts, illustrating, graphic design, creativity have all been part of my life from my earliest memories. The step into doing it as a career was simply the next logical move. And because I love it! To be able to do something that I love every day, that was a huge drawcard for me.
Towards the end of my degree I did work experience at Girlfriend Magazine. As soon as I had completed that two weeks, I knew that this was what I wanted to do after university, so I was very determined to secure a role in magazines. I spent 15 years in magazines working my way up through the design ranks to Art Director, across titles including Girlfriend, Cosmopolitan and Grazia. When we moved back to Newcastle I also worked for WHITE Magazine.
Although I am not in magazines now I look back so fondly on that time and wouldn't change a thing! It allowed me to begin my illustration career and I am lucky that I still get to illustrate for magazines.

Inkling Design at Westfield Kotara




Your works are quite fun with a very fashionable edge, can you tell us a bit about your style?

I have always been drawn to fashion, and more so the creative craft of it. When I illustrate, my aim is to allow the subject to speak. I use white space a lot as what isn’t there can say so much as well.

I focus on having a lot of white space, clutter free surrounding in my own life, as I know it creates a quiet and relaxed feeling for me. I am glad this comes across in my work too.


Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process for this beautiful piece of art?
I first research the fashion that I would like her to be wearing which is fun, especially getting to put something unique together from my references in the final product. I then think about poses and backdrops and how to make these different with the girl looking powerful. I look at alternatives for hair and faces and then when I begin. It just all seems to come together! I map out how I think it all should go together and then I add in the details. I work in layers so that I can move the girl around to see where she would look best within the image also.


Inkling Design at Westfield Kotara

 Photo Credits: Dress by Seed, Shoes from Witchery & Make-up by MAC David Jones.

It seems like you have made a mark on the Fashion and Bridal industry so far, where to from here?

My latest obsession has been houses. While travelling through the United States this past year I have been taking photos and illustrating houses.

I want to continue doing these for clients, but I also want to dedicate some time to finding houses I love and illustrate them simply for the joy of it – which is how it all started in the first place. I want to travel more to different locations to find different houses that speak to me. I have lots of photos in my phone of houses I still need to do. We will see, but I really want to see where this goes in the creative sense.

What do you love about Newcastle and what places inspire you to create?

Newcastle has always been home to me. Even though, after spending so many years in Sydney, I never thought I would move back. But moving back in 2011 was one of the best decisions we made. I thrive on the creative vibe of Newcastle and the wonderful community of people. The beaches are second to none and I love nothing more than walking along the shore, hearing the waves, having a conversation, running into friends and watching the little ones play. Newcastle really is a beautiful place to call home.


Westfield Kotara, Northcott Dr & Park Ave
Kotara 2289
1: -32.93995
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