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Imbibe Water Kefir

HUNTERhunter discovers you are what you absorb, not what you eat

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When Felicity Evans suffered a debilitating health crisis after the birth of her second child Felicity was desperate to find a cure. When memories resurfaced of her travels to Guatemala and a chance encounter with a Mayan Mama, who insisted she try an ancient remedy to cure her ails, Felcitity's life not only changed then, but again all these years later in ways she could never have imagined.

Chatting to Felicity we learnt a lot more about the magical drink that changed her life and why everyone needs to be drinking Imbibe Water Kefir.

Kefir is a word most of us probably haven't heard of, what is it exactly?

Kefir is a Turkish word that means good and kefir itself is a living culture that magically transforms the food you give it (in my case, a special blend of sugars and minerals) into the most wonderful tasting, and health giving pro-biotic elixir. Imbibe Living Water Kefir is a naturally fermented, live probiotic elixir that is brimming with live probiotics, is fizzy like a soft drink, but without the sugars and fake ingredients. We infuse the sacred blend with certified organic herbs for more of a healing benefit.

You first experienced water kefir when travelling through Guatemala in Central America, were you a little wary of drinking something that was said to be a sacred beverage?

Well, when I first drank water kefir in Guatemala, I was so sick with various bugs picked up from travelling, that I was willing to try anything that would help me feel better! I was staying with a beautiful Guatemalan family, and the Mamma, who gave me the drink, was literally half my size. So, when a Mayan Mamma tells you to drink something to help you feel better, you do as you are told! And I am so glad I did. Within a few days my symptoms virtually disappeared. Of course, I forgot all about the sacred drink, until 7 years later, when a health crisis was the catalyst to look for answers to help heal myself.

It must have had a powerful effect on you, can you explain what happened after you started drinking it?

After I first tried water kefir in Guatemala, the positive effect was almost immediate - the bloating and travelers tummy discomforts that I’d been experiencing for months eased. However, after I returned to Australia I could not find this elixir anywhere, and forgot about it. However, a health crisis after the birth of my second baby brought me to my knees for almost a year, and, tired of feeling tired, I searched for answers to help build my immunity and restore my health.

It was through this research, I discovered that around 80% of your immunity is made and housed in your gut and that by taking live fermented products (like Imbibe Living Water Kefir) you have help restore your gut health, which will help build your immunity and therefore help heal your body. Additionally, Imbibe will help digest and absorb the nutrients from your food.

Who would benefit most from drinking Imbibe Water Kefir?

Everyone needs to help their immune system with the taking of daily live pro-biotics. We are out-numbered 10 to 1 by bacteria (10 x bacteria per 1 x human cell), and in fact have around 2kg of bacteria in our gut, so we need to ensure that we are giving our body the best chance to have good healthy bacteria found in Imbibe, rather than the bad bacteria which can cause disease.

How much & how often would you need to drink Imbibe Water Kefir to feel the effects?

I promote a serving ritual called the “Imbibe Cocktail Hour” where I recommend a glass a day (around 250mL) in a beautiful glass at the end of the day. Of course, if you would like more, go for it! It is best to drink Imbibe close to a meal, so that your body has help to digest and absorb your foods. Also, it’s a great way to replace alcohol.

There are a number of flavours in the range, do different flavours work to cure different ailments or are the flavours just to keep things interesting?

The different varieties serve different medicinal purposes. The varieties are based on the addition of certified organic herbs: no colours, flavours, numbers or extracts are used. We like it pure! Also, we don't use fruit juices, as we want to keep the sugar content low, but the medical value high. There is nothing artificial about Imbibe. The colours of the varieties come from the various herbs used. We don't stabilise in any way Imbibe is 100% raw, unpasteurized, and alive! Imbibe is bubbly, not because of any artificial carbonation, it is the naturally occurring by-product of a live fermented product.

I am proud to say that the varieties have all been scientifically tested and proven to have BILLIONS of live pro-biotics, with around 4 different strains of pro-biotics. We love having the proof that this is a medicinal style of drink that tastes great. As a general rule, all varieties can help to boost immunity, detoxify and help digest and absorb food.

Imbibe Water Kefir can be purchased at the following outlets:

MOJO Health Store, Natural Tucker, Goodness Me Organics, Hunter Organics, Organic Feast, Healthy Life Marketown, Vitology Charlestown & Warners Bay, Inspirational Health, The Healthful Pantry (online only), Ruby Skies Beauty & Massage.

Imbibe Water Kefir, Newcastle | HUNTERhunter Imbibe Water Kefir, Newcastle | HUNTERhunterImbibe Water Kefir, Newcastle | HUNTERhunter


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