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How The Twenty-Something Live on a Budget

A few things I've learnt since living out of home

How The Twenty-Something Live on a Budget Image
Food is where most of my money disappears to!
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I first moved out of home when I was 19 years old. I went travelling overseas and it was there that I rented my first apartment with some friends. My second apartment in England was unfurnished, and as we were travelling, our place remained pretty bare to the point we could have probably been mistaken for squatters, but we made do.

I like to think I have stepped up a little bit in the world since that time; I at least have some furniture now. But being an independent twenty-something living on a budget can be a challenge. Below are a few things I have learnt along the way.

1.After Pay
A girl needs clothes no matter how little money she has that week, especially if there is a birthday or occasion coming up. Thank god for afterpay, you receive the item straightaway and pay little by little off the payment over a period of time, ah-mazing!

I like to think I’m past this time in my life, popping some cheap passion pop before heading out into town, but who am I kidding? Ok well gone are the days of drinking passion pop, but a sneaky drink at home before going to the bar is totally fine.

3.Buying second hand or finding free furniture
Gumtree is a great website to find cheap or even free furniture. It can sometimes be a hit or miss but if you are on there at the right time you can often come across a great bargain.

4.Keeping an eye out for food specials
For me, food is where most of my money goes, going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner is just too hard to resist sometimes! Planning out your week in advance is a great habit to get into, as well as choosing the items on special at the supermarket rather than the fancy brands. On the nights you ‘have to go out’ try looking up what venues have cheap specials on that night.

5.Keeping fit without the gym membership
I wrote an article a few weeks ago about the lazy, broke girls guide to keeping fit in Newcastle. But basically without signing up to a gym membership there are plenty of other alternatives to keeping fit.

6.Save save save!
Open a separate account to put a little bit of money into each week, even if it is only $20. It’s a great way to keep you covered for when bills come around or just in case you’re stuck for some extra money.
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