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When will these Melbourne food trends get to Newcastle?

Forget about acai bowls and freak shakes

When will these Melbourne food trends get to Newcastle? Image
An Hawaiian delicacy, the fusion revolution and street eats are a few things that could soon be taking over Newcastle.
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Over the past year food trends have taken on two extremes; the healthy options like acai bowls, smashed avo on toast and green juices. Then there is the ‘bigger is better’ approach with freak shakes and burgers piled a mile high.

Newcastle can be looked at as the ‘mini Melbourne’, with trends often being adopted here soon after they hit the Melbourne scene. So I have decided to take a look at some of their current food trends, which no doubt will be taking over Newcastle in the near future.

Poke Bowls (pronounced poh-kay)
This Hawaiian delicacy is a raw fish salad, most commonly served with tuna combined with rice, soy sauce and other seasonings. Bursting with already popular Japanese flavours I am sure these will be making their way into the Newcastle's cafes very soon. 

Combining different foods
When you have two different foods you love, why not put them together for one epic meal? It’s called the fusion revolution, think pad Thai pizza or a cronut (a cross between a croissant and doughnut). 
Melbourne Food Trends
A cronut from Melbourne's Rustica

More veggies, less meat
Vegetarians and vegans can rejoice because more and more restaurants are focusing on veggies rather than meat. 

Delivery only
Restaurants are opening with no seats and specialising in delivery only. At first, I thought this sounded sad, not only is the Internet and our phones taking over our lives but now it’s affecting the way we eat. But I have since had a change of heart. The concept of going out to eat is not dying; rather we are going to start to see some amazing meals available for delivery. Gone soon are the days of Pizza or Pizza (I love pizza though FYI), we will have endless options. 

Food trucks
A lot of restaurants, cafes and chefs seem to be moving away from fine dining and focusing on quality, local and fresh produce served in a more casual setting. Food trucks are taking this casual setting to the next level and have already flooded Melbourne with delicious food on the streets.


Hero image credit Pokedau


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