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A beautiful take on Scandi-Australian style

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A beautiful Scandi style home with an Australian touch
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House Perv MelWalking down the driveway for #HousePerv number three, a quick glance through the leafy garden and we spot a perfectly placed pair of bright red gumboots. So impeccably positioned we question whether this was a strategic design decision, or just the first of many beautiful moments in the home of Melissa and Trent Webster. 

House Perv Mel
Before even meeting Melissa (and in addition to those red gumboots) we are very quickly introduced to Melissa’s distinctive style. That being a simplistic, yet stylish look and one that easily weaves practical style with a natural and fresh look.
House Perv Mel
Moving into their Dudley home some seven years ago Mel said initially it was just a little two bedroom miners cottage, not particularly suitable for a growing family. It wasn’t long before they saw its potential and started gutting the house, to open it out. The renovation transformed the house into a larger open plan home, including a rather impressive master suite add-on that blends seamlessly with the original structure. A space Mel quietly admits has become her little sanctuary and delightfully displays what Melissa does best.
House Perv Mel
Interior designer and founder of The Gather Collective, Mel has been consulting and styling homes and businesses across the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region for many years now, using her signature style to transform and simplify spaces.
House Perv Mel
When asked to describe her style Mel says,

"I’ve always thought of it as being a bit Scandi-Australian, it’s a little bit Scandi but it’s also quite warm. I can’t do monochrome black and white, I need to have the timbers and warmth in there. But at the same time I don’t do the colour pops that a lot of the Australian design has. I think that’s where the whole Scandi thing comes into it, it’s a bit more neutral.”
House Perv Mel
“It’s pretty easy going and I like to have that longevity behind it, I’m a bit more of a hang-onto it kind of person.” 

“In saying that we’re not precious at all with our furniture. I don’t bring anything into the house that I can’t lose, if it gets broken then that’s just bad luck.”

When talking us through the reno process Mel said that whilst her home now has some more luxe elements this wasn’t always the case. When product choices were needing to be made in those early days Mel and Trent just got on with it and made choices that fitted within their budget at the time. It’s only now that they’re starting to replace certain elements with better quality items. Like the floor boards, originally from IKEA, it was a practical decision based on both cost and children (knowing full well their kids would be riding their bikes over them). 

House Perv Mel
Wandering from kitchen, to lounge, to master suite, Mel’s style is clearly evident throughout, even in their gorgeous children’s rooms. Where the neutral tones that Mel loves living in, create an almost calming effect,

“When you work with colours all day it’s not necessarily something you want to live in, don’t get me wrong I love working with colours, just living in it is not my ideal.”
House Perv Mel
Instead Mel prefers to choose timeless neutral tones, she has layered the home with pieces that add character and provide talking points.

What we loved most was taking a peek into the children’s bedrooms, each beautifully styled but each having a personality of their own. Mel’s 8 year old daughter Kaila clearly blessed with the creative gene, has just one of her many beautiful abstract artworks on display. Inserts of Mel’s signature pieces, such as the white feather headdress and Riverstone blankets, adding just a touch of luxe.
House Perv Mel
Next door in Kobe’s bedroom, Mel coyly mentions how it was originally to be her very own en-suite, but with another child on the way sacrifices were made and the space converted to a third bedroom. A very clever use of a small space, the plywood cabinetry creates a cosy-yet-cool dorm like feel. Using a slightly darker tone, warehouse-like pendent light and cutesy wall art created using Japanese MT tape, the room exudes character and a boyish flair.

Blair’s room also has a very little-boy-luxe feel to it with the super comfy looking white double bunk taking centre stage. Yet it's the little additions that give it the adorable touch like the vintage style coat hooks, for all those essential items, and old school luggage chest that’s brimming with all the best toys.
House Perv Mel
Returning to the kitchen area the spacious and leafy garden outlook is hard to ignore. The recent addition of the landing deck, using untreated spotted gum, provides a perfect vista and a superb space for those afternoon summer barbeques. With a mass of eucalypts creating a natural canopy of shade and a cutesy little playhouse for the kids to hang out in, Mel said it’s an addition that could perhaps become her new little sanctuary.

House Perv is a collaboration with Louise Hatcher and HUNTERhunter.

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